Brian Bonar Provides Successful Financial Services through Trucept Inc

Financial management is the hallmark of all investments. There is more that comes with the name finance administration and executive. From leading clients to the right direction of investment to handling their issues at work, a finance manager plays a vital role when it comes to managing a customer’s portfolio.

Versatility must be part of a finance manager’s characteristics. At the same time, a finance manager must offer clients a series of diversified portfolios.


In a world with many tough decisions to make regarding business and work, Brian Bonar has made a name for himself in the field of finance and business. It is true to state that most finance executives have similar qualities when dealing with clients. However, Bonar brings to the industry of finance and financial management a new method of dealing with customers in finding solutions.

Bonar is the chief executive officer of Trucept Inc. With thirty years experience in the industry of finance, Bonar understands the ropes involved in running finances. The chief executive officer of Dalrada is better placed to control the activities of the organization due to his extensive experience.


Under Bonar’s leadership, Dalrada offers clients with an extensive base of employee services. These services heighten business productivity. The services include financial management, management of services, risk management services in insurance in addition to employee benefits.

Besides being the chief executive officer of Imaging Technologies, Brian’s leadership has been an excellent quality in transforming the firm from being a developer to a marketer. Bonar has assisted Imaging Technologies in expanding its market niche to providing products and services.


Through Bonar, ITEC has acquired a market niche in the human resource department. Bonar has an excellent leadership foundation in finance. He established a solid foundation of leadership in his career. His success in the industry as a career executive with excellent leadership skills continues to position him in a better managerial place in the sector of finance and human resource.

His flexibility has allowed him to move to higher levels of success through experience. Prior to joining ITEC, Bonar was the chief executive officer, chief finance officer, and treasurer of Trucept. He has also served at Adaptec Inc. This is a laser printed firm geographically located in San Jose. He was once the vice president of Rastek Corporation and executive director for QMS.


According to Bloomberg, It is evident that Brian Bonar has extensive leadership skills in finance. His charisma and passion in delivering high-quality services and products to clients have been his success story. Bonar is talented in developing successful strategies to aid in decision making in both finance and human resource department.

As an entrepreneur, Bonar invested in a restaurant in North County. The now attractive business began with a bistro at Bellamy’s current home. Initially, it was a tango, and Charlie Trotter tried to invest in it by introducing progressive dining.