Stream Energy Money Saving Advice

At this very moment, you could be losing massive amounts of energy in your home. Perhaps, you’ve taken a look at your recent energy bill and were surprised by the amount that was charged. This is a common occurrence. The fact is that any device that you leave plugged in, is slowly draining energy and raising your utility bill. This includes coffee makers, computers, chargers, televisions, and stereos. Stop the drain and higher energy bills by plugging those devices into a surge protector. Flip the entire surge protector off to shut down power to those devices completely and save money.


Stream Energy

Those in the Dallas, Texas area are probably very familiar with Stream Energy. The company is a leading supplier of energy in the area. Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajki, are the founders of the company. They started the company back in 2004, after the deregulation of the electricity market in Texas. Deregulation involves removing or repealing present state laws as they apply to the electricity market ( The company took that opportunity and is now licensed to provide electrical services to people in that community. Today, Stream Energy has expanded their operation to other states. Now, the company supplies electrical energy to Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington D.C. and New York.


Multi-Level Marketing

Stream Energy has chosen a different method to market their service to the public. Multilevel marketing involves recruiting salespeople to market the product to the public on a commission basis. The fact is that those working for Stream Energy are supplied with the opportunity to make money in two ways. They have the opportunity to make money selling Stream Energy to customers or recruiting new team members to sell Stream Energy to the public. Their unique approach to marketing seems to be working for the company.

The Amazing Contributions of Talk Fusion

Bob Reina, the CEO and the founder of the video marketing company known as Talk Fusion recently published two new articles on Huff post on. Bob talks about ways of thriving in a place surrounded by quitters and ways of understanding clients. HuffPost’s main mission is to tell the stories of those individuals who have always been left out. The initiatives of HuffPost resonate well with Reina’s mission both as a contributor and as the figurehead of Talk Fusion Company.



Reina explained that he is a believer in the innovation art. He also said that the growth of the firm is never complete. He adds that as both a philanthropist and a leader, his goal is to aim at setting up people to succeed regardless of the place they are in the globe or what their backstory may supposedly be and he thinks that clearly shows up in the articles he writes.



Reina has been contributing to HuffPost since August 2016. His wide contributor platform highlights self-development, skillful selling, lifestyle, marketing and entrepreneurship. By being the home of the globe’s first all-in-one marketing solution in the video, Talk fusion targets to assist businesses to increase profits and sales, keep their clients coming back and stand out from any competition. Talk fusion normally provides various ways to make marketing a bit more memorable, persuasive and engaging in Video.



The innovative products of Talk Fusion are usually marketed individually by the independent associates in over 140 countries. There is usually thirty days free trials of all-in-one marketing solution in video for all those clients that wish to buy the product and no credit card is required for that. Founded in the year 2007 by the CEO and Founder Bob Reina, Talk Fusion is strongly dedicated to giving back to animal charities, communities, friends and family across the globe. Learn more:


Anthony Petrello’s Reason For Giving to TCH

Anthony Petrello may be most known for bringing in millions in revenue each month to Nabors Industries, one of the world’s most profitable oil drilling technology and contractor companies based in Houston. But he’s spent a lot of money and spoken at business gatherings about the need to support the Texas Children’s Hospital. Petrello has given $7 million to the Dan and Jan Duncan Neurological Research Institute there because they have some of the finest medical professionals looking into cures for diseases such as cerebral palsy and other seizures. Petrello even has a young daughter named Carena who has CP and much of his endeavors to help TCH’s institute stem from his love for her and learn more about Anthony.


Anthony Petrello grew up in New Jersey and was a math genius all the way through college. He received both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Yale University, and then he went into corporate law when he attended Harvard Law School and completed his J.D. He started as an associate for Baker & McKenzie Law Firm where he gained experience in tax laws and how they affected big banks and hedge funds, corporate restructuring, underwriting, and offshore accounts and financing. In 7 years of practice Petrello became a managing partner at the firm. After 13 years in corporate law, Petrello stepped down and accepted a position as the Chief Operating Officer of Nabors Industries. He was later elevated to Chairman and CEO of Nabors Industries when longtime Chairman Eugene Isenberg passed away in 2011 and more information click here.


As CEO of Nabors Industries, Petrello has been responsible for growing company operations and entering partnerships with other companies in the industry. He’s also responsible for guiding investments in technology proprietary software development. Petrello has ranked among the nation’s highest-paid executives including reaching number 1 in 2013 after a contract renewal bonus brought him to $68 million including stocks and equity tied to him. The drop in bonuses in 2014 brought him down significantly the following year. Petrello has also been involved in company shareholder relations meetings and Anthony’s lacrosse camp.

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A Young Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and an Author- Eric Pulier

Anytime the name Eric Pulier gets mentioned what comes to mind is a successful entrepreneur, technologist, Published author, technologist and to top it up a Harvard graduate. Eric Pulier has started and grown several start-ups anything he touches a real success. He has accomplished so much over his career time. One thing that will interest you about Eric is that he started programming while in fourth grade and on his final year of high school in 1984 he had a database computer company. He proceeded to Harvard where he did his BA, and on completion, he started working for Harvard Crimson.

Philanthropist Pulier
Pulier is a generous donor he supports non-profit organizations. He uses technology to help the less disadvantaged communities and the physically disadvantaged children in the world. Pulier is a board member of the Innovation Board called X-Prize Foundation that solves the humanities biggest challenges, The Painted Turtle which is an activity camp that supports children with chronic illnesses. He has been a member of the Clinton Global Initiative and the primary donor to ACE Foundation.

Enterpreniual Achievement
• Pulier founded Akana which was a major accomplishment. SOA software program was established, and he managed to get other SOA vendors in the 2000s, but the company was sold to Rogue Wave Software at this time it had grown to a robust suite of SAO solutions.

• In 1991 Eric founded PDT (People Doing Things) to address health care, education using technology.

• In 1994 interactive agency digital evolution that later joined with US Interactive LLC in 1998 and leads to the creation of StarBright world a social media platform for chronically ill kids.

• In 1997 Pulier was appointed to lead The Bridge of the 21st Century Organization and more information click here.

• He has created other ventures such as Desktone, media platform, and others.

Published Author
Pulier had a passion for writing. He did literature and English at Harvard he was also writing for Harvard Crimson paper where he did some excellent editorial pieces. He has published several books over the years.
• Eric wrote the publication, ‘The Enterprise Industrial Complex’ for Forbes magazine. He is also an affluent public speaker.