Samuel Strauch

According to an article by IdeaMensch on his interview, we find that Samuel Strauch a successful entrepreneur has the heart to share his success with the people. His going to Miami made him realized that, the city was growing as a metropolis from a vacation destination, and that there was construction of real estates in the city, therefore, he could bring together clients and willing business partners to start up the businesses. Samuel Strauch is an outgoing enthusiast who chooses to use his day mingling with new ideas and in the process making new friends and bonding with his partners and clients.

In addition, Samuel Strauch believes that the way forward to execute ideas is by being creative enough to analyze its vulnerability, keeping in mind that it might or might not work out. If it proves fertile, he then implements the ideas using all the necessary time and resources.

As an entrepreneur, Samuel Staunch recommends reflection. This gives one an opportunity to understand their personal and professional endeavors therefore, giving one an opportunity to be productive. He has interests in different trends, which includes the cultures of people in the new generation particularly their way of thoughts. He believes that with the evolution in society, the future industries are likely to change.

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After college, Samuel Strauch had an opportunity to work at a firm in an operational department where his job was to organize documents and reports; this according to him is the worst job because he found it boring with no creative ideas brought to being. His lesson was never to work on what he disliked and to go for that which made him happy. In contrary to the disappointments due to trusting the wrong people in his business, he still thinks he cannot change the way he has done things before because his pros outweighs the cons. His main strategy is win-win, with all the people he interacts with, including partners and investors.

Samuel Strauch as a successful investor in several internet and restaurant business established his own company, which has proved as a success after he quit working at a bank in order to join his family’s real estate business in Florida. He has an undergraduate degree in business from Hofstra University in New York.

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Tammy Mazzocco Story of Success

Tammy Mazzocco is a residential real estate broker in Central Ohio who covers four counties. According to Spokeo, she began her career as a secretary to a nine-member commercial real estate office and moved on from there through several other supportive roles until she decided that she like what she saw in the way of income potential if she started to sell real estate herself.

At first, Mazzocco found that there was a lot of learning to do, but she worked hard and learned and eventually mastered what she needed to know. She said that most of the learning had to do with managing her business and working with people, as opposed to the technicalities of the real estate business itself.

For example, when she began, she was very shy and found it difficult to talk with people, so she forced herself to initiate conversations. This helped a lot because it put the other person in the position of having to respond, and that made things a lot easier.

Mazzocco said that one of the first habits she formed was that of setting goals, and then breaking them down into small steps, making it easier to accomplish the goal. It is easier to take care of things one step at a time, instead of trying about completing the whole task. When people have the mindset of tackling the entire goal, sometimes they never get started.

Another tip that Mazzocco shared on her Facebook people who as how she works with clients, is that she treats them as she would wish to be treated herself as far as their time and investment. Care must be taken, according to Mazzocco, to focus on the clients’ needs and push your concerns into the background, such as commissions.

Tammy Mazzocco is passionate about the real estate business and spends the bulk of her time working at it. She has found her niche, and her success shows that she make the right decision. View her tumblr page for more info.

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