Working with Securus Technologies to Keep our City Safer

I am part of an elite task force that is responsible for getting some of the most dangerous felons off the streets of our city. These suspects are multiple offenders who have either skipped bail, escaped jail, or are on the run from local law enforcement. These criminals usually have life sentences, so killing again on the streets means nothing to them because they realize they can not get any harsher a punishment if caught.


For that reason, these suspects are dangerous to civilians and have no problem taking out a few law enforcement officials in the fight either. This is why our team has to work in the shadows because these suspects usually have a network around them working hard to keep them hidden and out of jail. We have several tools at our disposal, but it can be very difficult to find these suspects if they want to stay hidden.


Recently we heard that Securus Technologies had installed a new inmate communication system in one of our local jails, and we were heading over to learn more and possibly get some training. The reason this system and software intrigued us is because we know that gang members in jail still communicate with soldiers on the street using their own coded terminology. If we could break the code, we might get some information before the suspect knew we were coming.


Once we received the training on the LBS software, we were listening in on a few calls between brothers in the same gang, and they happened to be talking about our suspect and how he was going to be making a run for the border. Once out of the states, we would have never caught him. Luckily, the LBS software gave us a head start and we napped him as he was getting ready to leave one morning.


Securus Is Clear Choice For Prisons Due To Crime Prevention

Securus is helping to reduce crime in your neighborhood. The telecommunications company does this by allowing prisoners to contact their families effectively. They also help the police track criminals by providing software that can lock on to a vocal signature.


All of this might be a bit over your head. But there are these third-party companies that deal exclusively with the government. Securus is a telecommunications company that you have never heard of despite the fact they rake in hundreds of millions of dollars per year. They do this by providing jails and prisons with telecommunications services including phone, internet and video chat services.


Securus and other third-party telecommunications companies elbow each other out of the way to score government contracts. Once the contract is awarded, the telecommunications company that was chosen becomes the exclusive provider of services to that prison. This is where trouble starts in some situations.


Companies like Global Tel-Link, Securus’s biggest competitor, use this position of power to exploit their locked up customer base. They charge a lot and deliver very little. The call quality and customer service is terrible. But the prisoners have no choice so they bite the bullet and pay the prohibitive rates to talk to their loved ones. It is a sad situation.


Securus, on the other hand, provides great call quality, awesome customer service and they boast an A+ record with the Better Business Bureau. They also use their position of power to help prevent crimes.


Securus records all calls digitally. Then they give law enforcement software that can scan all those calls for a particular criminal’s voice. Every call that person has ever made then pops up. This allows law enforcement to piece together criminal plans before they materialize. We should all be rooting for Securus to dominate the industry.