Jorge Moll Participates In Discussions Regarding The Future Of Health Care In Brazil

Jorge Moll and Paulo Chapchap presented health managements visions of entrepreneurship. This began with a speech by the President of FEHOSUL, Cláudio José Allgayer. Three hundred people attended the debates and lectures. A speech by Jorge Moll, Rede D’Or São Luiz’s Chairman of the Board of Directors followed. He spoke of the trends in the health field, and the impact of the national and international environments on contemporary hospital management. The discussions included safety in service delivery, quality, limited resources, and infinite needs. The biggest challenge was defined as the difference between demand and supply.


The debates included utilitarian changes in medicine, current management, the needs of the future generations, the foresight necessary to change the thinking process, and the question of how to attend to everything. Current management was criticized for not using a mosaic of variables and the cause of the lack of growth in Brazil’s private health markets. The belief is the population must not be neglected, and the actions of the government must be expanded.


Jorge Moll led the activity regarding the impacts and health trends of the hospital management ( He is the founder of 32 hospitals in Brazil, and the Network, and is a businessman and a cardiologist. He believes due to the size of Rio de Janeiro one hospital will not suffice, and a network is needed to efficiently serve the population (Facebook). He stated this is how the Network’s first three establishments were built with technology and quality. He said debts made the beginning difficult, but he did not give in to discouragement and accepted the large social responsibility.


Jorge Moll commented on Brazil’s economic crisis, and how a lot of individuals left their health plans to use SUS, or changed to a plan with lower quality and less coverage. He presented the Total Health Management Model, to provide the people with health care coverage without waste, and at a decreased cost. The doctors and businessmen do not know what becomes of their patients because there is no follow up. For this reason, Jorge Moll believes the Network can offer more understanding of the patient’s treatment, and navigate the complexity of the situation.