Protecting the Future with USHEALTH Advisors

USHEALTH Advisors is a subsidiary of USHEALTH Group. It was founded in 2010 and tasked with selling individual insurance plans. It is also responsible for the sale of additional products from Freedom Life Insurance Company of America which is also a subsidiary of USHEALTH Group. The enterprise focuses on individuals, families, small business owners, and the self-employed.

USHEALTH Advisors came up with a mission (H.O.P.E) with the aim of making a difference in the lives of others. Troy McQuagge initiated the project in 2010. Through H.O.P.E, the company makes donations of time, labor, and money to help families in the community. Together with the Phoenix of New Orleans, the group volunteered hundreds of working hours towards the restoration efforts aimed at building safe houses for residents. It was after the Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. The H.O.P.E project continued its philanthropic work by donating shoes, clothes, baby formula and other supplies to The Crisis Nursery. USHEALTH Advisors have continually donated towards charity with the aim of uplifting the society.

USHEALTH Advisors pays a competitive salary to its employees. On average, a USHEALTH Advisor employee takes home an approximate of $70,341 per year for a licensed agent. A business owner earns an estimate of $200,000 per year. However, the earnings vary depending on the effort of an individual. As there is no commission cap, an employee stands to make as much as they can.

The company offer insurance covers classified into a variety of groups. They offer innovative coverage to their customers through the insurance companies. They provide coverage that meets the customer requirements at a favorable cost. They have four primary coverage policies. They have the Med Guard that covers certain medical conditions. Additionally, when a client is diagnosed with the disease that’s included, the insurance pays money to cover for non-medical expenses. They have Accident Cover that covers against injuries caused by accidents. They also have the Secure Dental Cover that is further classified into three. Finally, they have the Life Protector that serves to ensure the family is well-taken care off in the event of an untimely demise. Read more reviews at


USHEALTH Group: A True Leader in Healthcare Industry

USHEALTH Group, Inc. is a leading provider in healthcare cover in the U.S. The company has been in operation for more than five decades and as a result, has managed to accumulate much of the market.

With Obamacare resolution that attributes for a more affordable healthcare, USHEALTH Group has managed to ride on this popularity. It has a client base of over 15 million users across the country. The organization has managed to fully utilize the services of its subsidiaries to push its products in the market.

Much of its success is credited to its wholly owned subsidiary, USHEALTH Advisors. The branch has been responsible for recruiting and training agents who also help to acquire new clients and drive sales and more information click here.

Troy McQuagge is the President and CEO of the organization. He has been on the frontline in streamlining and improving the image of the company. He mentioned that the healthcare company has been focusing on how they can help their clients through their products. This feature is what has set them apart from their competitors.

Why choose USHEALTH Group?

Their affordable and innovative healthcare is unrivaled. Their healthcare solutions are unique and cannot be found in any other company. USHEALTH Group has over 2,000 agents across the country that help their clients choose the best healthcare cover they might need. They have products that cover medical, visual, dental, accident, and life insurance. These agents can be found online or can schedule a face-to-face meeting so as to guide their clients and make their choices as easy as possible.

The ability to buy more coverage if and when you need it means that you can upgrade your coverage without questions asked. This means that you don’t have to pay for coverage that you don’t need. Their fair rates mean that you can lock in the rates for up to fifteen months without incurring extra costs and learn more about Troy.

USHEALTH Group has managed to distinguish itself from the rest and set the best standards in the healthcare industry.

Equities First Makes Funds Available Immediately

People within the U.S. go through life at a fast past, and they want their money just as fast. This is an awesome benefit that is offered by Equities First. Unlike regular financial corporations, loan decisions are made the same day an application is filled out. Even better, the funds are available the same day, too. In fact, Equities First only deals with lenders who make the funds available the same day. Equities First does this because they know how valuable both time and money are to people in the U.S. and read full article.

Equities First has a few different headquarters around the United States. However, there is hope for people not in the area of an Equities First building. These individuals can fill out an application online or over the phone. All of the same benefits apply to both people applying in person, online, or over the phone. The online and phone application service is new, but these new services have already received thousands of positive reviews from customers all over the U.S. Equities First plans to improve both the online and phone services in the near future. They hope to hear from customers with any ideas of how to improve these services.

Another area Equities First specializes in is connecting borrowers to lenders on a personal level. In many banking institutions, the borrower connects solely with the middleman. Equities First of Website, Borrowers hardly know who the lender is throughout the duration of the loan. Equities First does not like to keep their customers in the dark. People working with Equities First will find out exactly who the lender is as soon as the loan is approved. These people will be given the lender’s contact information, and they will be encouraged to contact the lender with any other questions regarding the terms of loan.

InnovaCare CEO, Mr. Richard Shinto, Appoints Penelope Kokkinides as the New CFO

Mid last year, CEO Richard Shinto of InnovaCare Inc. announced the addition of three members to the firm’s executive team. According to Yahoo Finance, the new additions are Jonathan Meyers, Penelope Kokkinides, and Mike Sortino. The three will serve as the chief actuary officer, chief administrative officer, and chief accounting officer of InnovaCare in that particular order.

InnovaCare Joins LAN Network

In line with InnovaCare’s long-term goal of providing innovative and quality but cost effective healthcare services, the firm joined the Health Care Payment LAN network in August last year. This network seeks to revolutionize the payment models from being quantity-based to quality-based. CEO Richard Shinto said that InnovaCare would join hands with LAN to collect data across the nation and to conduct quantitative data survey. If they succeed, 50 percent of all U.S. health care payments will be through alternate payment methods.

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About Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides has been an expert in the healthcare industry for more than two decades now. Prior to joining InnovaCare, she had worked as COO for two healthcare firms: Centerlight HealthCare where she was also the vice president and Touchstone Health. UnitedHealth Group’s AmeriChoice also employed Penelope, and she worked in the Care Management and Disease Management unit as the corporate vice president. She holds a master’s degree in public health and another one in social work from Columbia University and New York University respectively. For her undergraduate degree, she studied biological sciences and classical languages at Birmingham University.

About Richard Shinto

Rick, as he is popularly known, is a holder of B.S, M.D, and M.B.A degrees from the prestigious University of California, the distinguished State University of New York, and the esteemed University of Redlands respectively. The CEO has been in the healthcare scene for over two decades. Before joining InnovaCare, Rick had made a name for himself as a health management expert at Aveta Inc., North American Medical Management- in both Illinois and California, MedPartners, Pathways Management Company, and Cal Optima Health Plan. Besides InnovaCare, he is also the executive manager of MMM Healthcare, Inc.

About InnovaCare

InnovaCare is a highly rated healthcare firm that operates Medicare and Medicaid government programs in Puerto Rico. It also offers managed health care services to the Puerto Rico community through two health plans: MMM and PMC. More than 7000 health care providers serve the 200,000 plus members of the two plans. InnovaCare Health is the sole provider of health plans accredited by NCQA within Puerto Rico. The firm is celebrated for its innovative technologies and pocket-friendly healthcare services.

An Insurance Company that Goes Above and Beyond in Customer Service

Health Care is one of the most important parts of a person’s life. It can make the difference of getting a problem taken care of before it becomes too big and the person ends up in the hospital, or worse, dead. Most insurance companies only cover major expenses. When a person is looking for something above and beyond what they already have, they go to USHealth Care.

Based out of Fort Worth, Texas, the company prides themselves on tailoring health care to each of their over fifteen million customers. They are also looking forward to helping anyone else needing help with health care. So much so that there is no open enrollment date, better yet, the insurance is always open. They even have health insurance for a time in which the customer needs it immediately, such as realizing they will need surgery. USHealth Care can process most claims within ten calendar days- though most of the time it is less. When calling the company, the customer has the satisfaction of knowing they will talk to a dedicated professional and not get the run around from a computer beforehand. This personal service is what makes USHealth Care so unique.

For those with a more serious illness, they have specified disease/sickness plans. These plans require a portion at the beginning of the year but if a customer does not go see the doctor during a period of time, it rolls over in order to be used only when needed. They are accredited by the better business bureau and have won numerous Stevie awards for customer service. When looking for insurance that gives great one-on-one customer service, look no further than USHealth.