Elysium Health Creates New Kind of Dietary Supplement Based on Science

Elysium Health, a newer company in the supplement field that was founded by MIT research scientist and professor Leonard Guarente, has brought its first product to market. Dubbed Basis, the nutritional supplement is a formulation that targets the production of one of life’s most fundamentally important molecules. It is currently the only supplement offered by Elysium Health, available on their website.

The NAD+ Revolution
If the average person on the street heard the term nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, he or she might assume that it was just a lot of scientific jargon that had little to no bearing on his or her own life. However, this molecule, abbreviated as NAD+, turns out to be one of the most fundamental building blocks in life’s edifice.

So critical and basic is this molecule that it and its variants can be found in all living organisms, from the lowliest bacterium to the hundred-ton baleen whales of the Pacific. NAD+ is a key component in the process known as cellular respiration, the chief means by which cells are able to use and store energy. Cellular respiration refers to a host of processes that are distinct from the respiration we normally think of, known as breathing. Basis, Elysium’s only product, aims to increase NAD+ levels.