The Best Works of Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi is an experienced economist and investment expert. In the recent years, he has been observed to focus on other industries besides economics and investments. As a result, he has been able to raise a couple of red flags on different companies and assisted federal agencies on catching culprits. For example, he helped the Federal Communications Commission to realize the demerits that accompanied Globalstar’s proposal on Terrestrial Low Power Service (TLPS). He was also featured as the lead expert that helped the Securities and Exchange Commission to point out some of the fraudulent activities carried out by Lihua International and China-Biotics. These two were Chinese companies that later faced the law based on the evidence provided by Sahm Adrangi.

In the biotechnology industry, Sahm Adrangi has helped to show how several biotechnology firms had grown to become what they are today. Some of these firms included Unilife, Sage Therapeutics and Pulse Biosciences. Sahm Adrangi has also associated his research publication to the mining sector, where he was doing market valuation on mining companies like First Majestic Silver. For most investment companies, he focused on how they had developed cash deployment principles and optimized capital allocation.

With decades of experience in the stock market, Sahm Adrangi writes a lot about under-followed longs. His focus on over-exaggerated shorts has also helped to highlight a few misconceptions that should not happen when primary business principles are applied in an investment firm. As a result, he has become a household name. Sahm has been featured in many interviews and hosted by Bloomberg and CNBC. On the other hand, his articles have found their way into major publications like the Washington Post, New York Times and BusinessWeek.

Kerrisdale Capital Management, a company that he founded and now acts in the capacity of a chief investment officer, has grown over the last decade. As a result, the company is managing at least $150 million in investments. Sahm Adrangi has also worked with Longacre Management, Chanin Capital Partners and the Deutsche Bank. In his last employment at Longacre Management, he was an economic analyst for the billion-dollar hedge fund. via twitter

Madison Street Capital Wins Prestigious M&A Advisory Award

Madison Street Capital (MSC) recently won the prestigious Debt Financing Deal of the Year award for their work with WLR Automotive. This award is presented annually by M&A Advisor in their M&A Advisor Awards. The function was organized at the Metropolitan Club, New York, on 13th November 2017.

David Fergusson, President of M&A Advisor, told the gathered audience about how M&A have been honoring the best M&A companies, dealmakers, and transactions since 2002. He said that MSC was selected from a pool of 650 companies which had been contesting for the award. He ended his speech by stating that MSC was indisputably the best company in the industry of M&A in 2017 and that they earned the award by excelling in their field.

Charles Botchway, CEO of MSC, expressed his gratitude to M&A Advisory for bestowing upon his company the high honor. He congratulated WLR Automotive and the man who took the lead on the winning transaction, Barry Peterson, Senior Managing Director of the company.

The event was the premier celebration of 2017 for the industry’s top M&A Dealmakers and was held together with the M&A Advisor Summit that hosted more than 500 M&A professionals who participated in various interactive forums chaired by industry, media, and academic leaders. Learn more about Madison Street Capital:

Other winners in the function included Robert Blumenfeld, Director of ACG, who received Tom Farrell Memorial Award; and Ceasar Anquillare, CEO of Winchester Capital, who was presented with the Leadership Award.

Madison Street Capital, an investment banking firm for the middle market, was founded in 2005. Their aim is to assist clients in the various range of industries. They strive to provide their clients with the best mergers and acquisitions advise and help them understand the real value of their company. They perform a thorough analysis of the company of their clients and then paint the way forward in the industry.

The analysis makes the company’s current state, and its future possibilities clear to the clients. This helps them develop strategies for future mergers and acquisitions. Madison Capital provides essential financial services like the valuation for financial reporting, business valuation, corporate advisory and financial opinions.

For middle market owners of businesses, it is essential to identify the financial advisory services that will meet their needs. With the market bloated with so many investment firms in operation, these owners can end up being overwhelmed in their search for reliable advisors.

Madison Street Capital with their reputation and history of excellence and reliability in the investment industry, are the answer for these middle market owners searching for acquisitions, improving their businesses and building strong strategies.

With offices in America, Asia, and Africa, Street Capital is the leader in mergers and acquisitions advisory, and valuation services. They are experts in corporate governance, both international and domestic.

MSC has the experience, knowledge, and networks to match buyers and sellers as well as the capability to match the capitalization structure and appropriate financing for each client’s unique situation.