How Did Equities First Make Stock Loans Popular

Equities First Holdings has made stock loans popular, and the company has been able to do this by making sure that they have a lot of customers who get to borrow the exact amount of money they need. The people that get these loans get them for the price that they need, and they save money because they feel much better about the terms that they have gotten. The company has made sure that they will always provide these wonderful loans for much less money, and they know that they can give people something that will make them feel like they have their finances in order, and learn more about Equities First Holdings.

There are many people who are going to notice that they can get loans from one of many offices as reported by the French Tribune, and Equities First Holdings will only take collateral from stocks to reduce the risk for everyone involved in the loans, and

Glen Wakeman Expands His Successful Business Formula to Startups

Succeeding in the world of finance comes from different sources for many individuals, but the common theme among any professional is a possession of strong work ethic and leadership skills. For financial professional Glen Wakeman, the path to success consists of a few principles that can be applied to any business venture to improve it and help it to succeed. These same standards are what have allowed Wakeman to create his own firm, LaunchPad Holdings LLC.


LaunchPad Holdings was created in 2015 as a springboard for other developing businesses (Wikipedia). Wakeman states that the idea for the firm came from a desire to meet great ideas with the proper amount of funding. He adds that the major missing link in most startups is the organization of leadership and structuring a plan around ideas.


When Glen Wakeman finds the right startups, he then implements his principles into each business so that all leaders are focused on nurturing human capital, managing inherent risk, and effectively making executive decisions. Through this method, Wakeman is able to apply to other business ventures the foundation that led to his own personal success. LaunchPad Holdings continues to uphold these principles and grow its portfolio.


Glen Wakeman had his sights set on the financial sector since his time at college. He is a graduate of the University of Scranton, leaving the school with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Finance. Wakeman also earned his MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago in 1983 and quickly began his career afterward. He held positions at GE Capital succeeding with this firm and helping to solidify his reputation as a business leader.


Over the years, Glen Wakeman has personally overseen the development of companies worth a total of over $15 billion in assets and consisting of thousands of employees on staff. The success experienced by Wakeman has made him a popular speaker in the area of finance, and he also has put much of this knowledge into writing. Glen Wakeman regularly contributes articles and blog posts to different publications, sharing his expertise with other professionals on a global scale.

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