Desiree Perez Speaks for Roc Nation’s Achievements

The world of celebrities needs a tough muscle for survival. It takes more than just the talent to surf through the huge deals that music may bring to the docket. As an entertainer, it is vital to have a strong manager that serves as the brand ambassador. The manager must have basic to core knowledge about the brand. In this case, the brand is the celebrity. Desiree Perez is one brand manager that has been part of Jay-Z’s Roc Nation for years. Her roles in the company vastly speak of a lady that has waded challenges when securing deals and learn more about Des Perez.


The Services

Entertainment is fun. Most singers are securing deals. Jay-Z is always on the lead when it comes to landing some of the best deals. Desiree Perez is to praise for deals that Jay-Z has landed in Roc Nation. As a manager, Perez has the most admired skills in communication. That is how she manages to secure vital deals. She has been working for Roc Nation since it faced problems that threatened its existence. Perez managed to bring back the company into the business world by securing most deals. Her strong skills in negotiation make her different as a manager and Des Perez on Facebook.



Desiree Perez is not only close to Jay-Z. She understands that without the brand she is handling, his business and talent would suffer. She has proven to be qualified beyond doubt. The fierce pitcher is determined to move Roc Nation to higher deals of contracts.Her history is hardly compared to Cookie Lyon’s. She applies her management skills to enable Roc Nation to secure important clients that will bring business to the table. The future of this brand definitely speaks of positivism and expansion. Desiree is convinced that Roc Nation is going places. Well, since she understands the brand, she could be right about the future and more information click here.

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A Young Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and an Author- Eric Pulier

Anytime the name Eric Pulier gets mentioned what comes to mind is a successful entrepreneur, technologist, Published author, technologist and to top it up a Harvard graduate. Eric Pulier has started and grown several start-ups anything he touches a real success. He has accomplished so much over his career time. One thing that will interest you about Eric is that he started programming while in fourth grade and on his final year of high school in 1984 he had a database computer company. He proceeded to Harvard where he did his BA, and on completion, he started working for Harvard Crimson.

Philanthropist Pulier
Pulier is a generous donor he supports non-profit organizations. He uses technology to help the less disadvantaged communities and the physically disadvantaged children in the world. Pulier is a board member of the Innovation Board called X-Prize Foundation that solves the humanities biggest challenges, The Painted Turtle which is an activity camp that supports children with chronic illnesses. He has been a member of the Clinton Global Initiative and the primary donor to ACE Foundation.

Enterpreniual Achievement
• Pulier founded Akana which was a major accomplishment. SOA software program was established, and he managed to get other SOA vendors in the 2000s, but the company was sold to Rogue Wave Software at this time it had grown to a robust suite of SAO solutions.

• In 1991 Eric founded PDT (People Doing Things) to address health care, education using technology.

• In 1994 interactive agency digital evolution that later joined with US Interactive LLC in 1998 and leads to the creation of StarBright world a social media platform for chronically ill kids.

• In 1997 Pulier was appointed to lead The Bridge of the 21st Century Organization and more information click here.

• He has created other ventures such as Desktone, media platform, and others.

Published Author
Pulier had a passion for writing. He did literature and English at Harvard he was also writing for Harvard Crimson paper where he did some excellent editorial pieces. He has published several books over the years.
• Eric wrote the publication, ‘The Enterprise Industrial Complex’ for Forbes magazine. He is also an affluent public speaker.

An Insurance Company that Goes Above and Beyond in Customer Service

Health Care is one of the most important parts of a person’s life. It can make the difference of getting a problem taken care of before it becomes too big and the person ends up in the hospital, or worse, dead. Most insurance companies only cover major expenses. When a person is looking for something above and beyond what they already have, they go to USHealth Care.

Based out of Fort Worth, Texas, the company prides themselves on tailoring health care to each of their over fifteen million customers. They are also looking forward to helping anyone else needing help with health care. So much so that there is no open enrollment date, better yet, the insurance is always open. They even have health insurance for a time in which the customer needs it immediately, such as realizing they will need surgery. USHealth Care can process most claims within ten calendar days- though most of the time it is less. When calling the company, the customer has the satisfaction of knowing they will talk to a dedicated professional and not get the run around from a computer beforehand. This personal service is what makes USHealth Care so unique.

For those with a more serious illness, they have specified disease/sickness plans. These plans require a portion at the beginning of the year but if a customer does not go see the doctor during a period of time, it rolls over in order to be used only when needed. They are accredited by the better business bureau and have won numerous Stevie awards for customer service. When looking for insurance that gives great one-on-one customer service, look no further than USHealth.