Can the Open Society Foundation Defeat the Right?

In politics, some people are far more influential than others. They can throw their weight around as if they were king of the room. George Soros is such a powerful man when he wields the Open Society Foundation. He is so powerful that the right wishes he was not continually interfering in their work, and read full article.

Soros gained this power like any good American: hard work, a dream, and determination. He worked two jobs to put himself through the London School of Economics. Here he accumulated knowledge and wisdom that would not only change his life but even the direction of the country at times, and

Upon graduation, he would start and run an extremely successful hedge fund which is known as Soros Fund Management. His net worth after successful running this hedge fund grew to over $25 billion. Soros had held liberal (or left-leaning) views since his college days, so it was easy for him to decide what to do with his money and power: thwart Republicans everywhere.

As part of his campaign to promote the values of the left and destroy the agenda of the right, in 2004, George Soros took on the leader of the free world. That year Soros did everything he could to see that George W. Bush was not reelected. To help fight Bush’s reelection, Soros donated a record amount of $27 million to the Democratic Party, with most of that earmarked for John Kerry’s presidential bid. Unfortunately, Soros’s money was not enough to defeat Bush, who served a second term.

As that term came to a close, Soros looked for a new Democrat to support. His initial instinct was to back Hilary Clinton, but after some thought, he switched to supporting Barrack Obama, a Senator from Illinois. Soros donated millions to the Obama campaign but eventually split with Obama, feeling that Obama’s campaign was not moving in the strongly liberal direction Soros favored. Later he apologized to Clinton for supporting Obama, and

After Obama served two terms, Soros officially backed Clinton in the following election. When Soros began to fear that Trump might win the election, he stepped up his support. You see, George Soros hates Trump. Soros feels that Trump is mentally unfit for the presidency, based on both intelligence and emotional instability. Soros donated actively to Democrats during that election, including $1.5 million to Democratic Senate campaigns and $25 million to Clinton and other Democratic causes. With Clinton’s loss, however, Soros did not back down. He instead turned his efforts to making the presidency as difficult as possible for Trump. He quickly began organizing and funding anti-Trump events, including the women’s rights protest march which took place immediately after Trump was inaugurated. Since then, Soros has given money to pro-Democratic organizations, including the super PACs Planned Parenthood Votes, American Bridge 21st Century, and Immigrant Voters Win.

George Soros continues to support and fund democratic causes around the world through his Open Society Foundation through which he has given over $1 Billion, and

Glen Wakeman Expands His Successful Business Formula to Startups

Succeeding in the world of finance comes from different sources for many individuals, but the common theme among any professional is a possession of strong work ethic and leadership skills. For financial professional Glen Wakeman, the path to success consists of a few principles that can be applied to any business venture to improve it and help it to succeed. These same standards are what have allowed Wakeman to create his own firm, LaunchPad Holdings LLC.


LaunchPad Holdings was created in 2015 as a springboard for other developing businesses (Wikipedia). Wakeman states that the idea for the firm came from a desire to meet great ideas with the proper amount of funding. He adds that the major missing link in most startups is the organization of leadership and structuring a plan around ideas.


When Glen Wakeman finds the right startups, he then implements his principles into each business so that all leaders are focused on nurturing human capital, managing inherent risk, and effectively making executive decisions. Through this method, Wakeman is able to apply to other business ventures the foundation that led to his own personal success. LaunchPad Holdings continues to uphold these principles and grow its portfolio.


Glen Wakeman had his sights set on the financial sector since his time at college. He is a graduate of the University of Scranton, leaving the school with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Finance. Wakeman also earned his MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago in 1983 and quickly began his career afterward. He held positions at GE Capital succeeding with this firm and helping to solidify his reputation as a business leader.


Over the years, Glen Wakeman has personally overseen the development of companies worth a total of over $15 billion in assets and consisting of thousands of employees on staff. The success experienced by Wakeman has made him a popular speaker in the area of finance, and he also has put much of this knowledge into writing. Glen Wakeman regularly contributes articles and blog posts to different publications, sharing his expertise with other professionals on a global scale.

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Stream Energy Money Saving Advice

At this very moment, you could be losing massive amounts of energy in your home. Perhaps, you’ve taken a look at your recent energy bill and were surprised by the amount that was charged. This is a common occurrence. The fact is that any device that you leave plugged in, is slowly draining energy and raising your utility bill. This includes coffee makers, computers, chargers, televisions, and stereos. Stop the drain and higher energy bills by plugging those devices into a surge protector. Flip the entire surge protector off to shut down power to those devices completely and save money.


Stream Energy

Those in the Dallas, Texas area are probably very familiar with Stream Energy. The company is a leading supplier of energy in the area. Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajki, are the founders of the company. They started the company back in 2004, after the deregulation of the electricity market in Texas. Deregulation involves removing or repealing present state laws as they apply to the electricity market ( The company took that opportunity and is now licensed to provide electrical services to people in that community. Today, Stream Energy has expanded their operation to other states. Now, the company supplies electrical energy to Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington D.C. and New York.


Multi-Level Marketing

Stream Energy has chosen a different method to market their service to the public. Multilevel marketing involves recruiting salespeople to market the product to the public on a commission basis. The fact is that those working for Stream Energy are supplied with the opportunity to make money in two ways. They have the opportunity to make money selling Stream Energy to customers or recruiting new team members to sell Stream Energy to the public. Their unique approach to marketing seems to be working for the company.

The Amazing Contributions of Talk Fusion

Bob Reina, the CEO and the founder of the video marketing company known as Talk Fusion recently published two new articles on Huff post on. Bob talks about ways of thriving in a place surrounded by quitters and ways of understanding clients. HuffPost’s main mission is to tell the stories of those individuals who have always been left out. The initiatives of HuffPost resonate well with Reina’s mission both as a contributor and as the figurehead of Talk Fusion Company.



Reina explained that he is a believer in the innovation art. He also said that the growth of the firm is never complete. He adds that as both a philanthropist and a leader, his goal is to aim at setting up people to succeed regardless of the place they are in the globe or what their backstory may supposedly be and he thinks that clearly shows up in the articles he writes.



Reina has been contributing to HuffPost since August 2016. His wide contributor platform highlights self-development, skillful selling, lifestyle, marketing and entrepreneurship. By being the home of the globe’s first all-in-one marketing solution in the video, Talk fusion targets to assist businesses to increase profits and sales, keep their clients coming back and stand out from any competition. Talk fusion normally provides various ways to make marketing a bit more memorable, persuasive and engaging in Video.



The innovative products of Talk Fusion are usually marketed individually by the independent associates in over 140 countries. There is usually thirty days free trials of all-in-one marketing solution in video for all those clients that wish to buy the product and no credit card is required for that. Founded in the year 2007 by the CEO and Founder Bob Reina, Talk Fusion is strongly dedicated to giving back to animal charities, communities, friends and family across the globe. Learn more:


Protecting the Future with USHEALTH Advisors

USHEALTH Advisors is a subsidiary of USHEALTH Group. It was founded in 2010 and tasked with selling individual insurance plans. It is also responsible for the sale of additional products from Freedom Life Insurance Company of America which is also a subsidiary of USHEALTH Group. The enterprise focuses on individuals, families, small business owners, and the self-employed.

USHEALTH Advisors came up with a mission (H.O.P.E) with the aim of making a difference in the lives of others. Troy McQuagge initiated the project in 2010. Through H.O.P.E, the company makes donations of time, labor, and money to help families in the community. Together with the Phoenix of New Orleans, the group volunteered hundreds of working hours towards the restoration efforts aimed at building safe houses for residents. It was after the Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. The H.O.P.E project continued its philanthropic work by donating shoes, clothes, baby formula and other supplies to The Crisis Nursery. USHEALTH Advisors have continually donated towards charity with the aim of uplifting the society.

USHEALTH Advisors pays a competitive salary to its employees. On average, a USHEALTH Advisor employee takes home an approximate of $70,341 per year for a licensed agent. A business owner earns an estimate of $200,000 per year. However, the earnings vary depending on the effort of an individual. As there is no commission cap, an employee stands to make as much as they can.

The company offer insurance covers classified into a variety of groups. They offer innovative coverage to their customers through the insurance companies. They provide coverage that meets the customer requirements at a favorable cost. They have four primary coverage policies. They have the Med Guard that covers certain medical conditions. Additionally, when a client is diagnosed with the disease that’s included, the insurance pays money to cover for non-medical expenses. They have Accident Cover that covers against injuries caused by accidents. They also have the Secure Dental Cover that is further classified into three. Finally, they have the Life Protector that serves to ensure the family is well-taken care off in the event of an untimely demise. Read more reviews at


What Aloha Construction Is Made Of

Aloha Construction is a company that is based in the Lake Zurich area in Chicago. It serves Illinois and parts of Wisconsin. They have an entire field and office team that works together to bring you the very best in construction. It is family owned, and although it has grown to a large size, it still retains the ethics, kindness, and customer service of a family owned and operated business. They have completed thousands of projects in their target area, and have thousands of satisfied customers who sing their praises.

They aim to maintain the highest levels of honesty, integrity, and customer service. They are unmatched in regards to their customer satisfaction levels and their levels of safety and security, and .

David Farbaky, known as Dave Farbaky for short, is the President and CEO of Aloha. He is a great entrepreneur and really cares about his customers. There is no doubt in the minds of his many customers that Dave Farbaky cares a great deal about his clients and always makes sure that his team delivers the very best when it comes to construction. They rely on him to provide them with the things they need for their home construction and renovation. David Farbaky is also a family man who is a father to kids and

Aloha can take care of your roofing needs. There are many things and storms that can damage roofs. Aloha has a nine step process to check your roof and see if it meets safety standards. If it does not, they will gladly repair it for you as soon as possible.

Gutters are also important, as they help prevent flooding and water damage. They help prevent roofs from getting damaged and leaking. David Farbaky and his team can help repair your gutters when they get damaged or broken and learn more about Aloha Construction.

Sheldon Lavin Chairman of OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin was born in the year 1932 .Lavin is the CEO and the chairman of OSI Team. Sheldon studied at the university of Northwestern and Illinois. In Northwestern universities he pursued finance and accounting and finance. In Roosevelt University which is located in Chicago he pursued a degree in science. For more than 15 years he has had his own financial consulting company. The company was called Sheldon Lavin and Associates. The company was located in Chicago.

In 1970 Lavin became part of Otto & Sons Company, the forerunner company of OSI organizations. Sheldon always saw himself being in his own business.His vision for the OSI team at the beginning was that he focused to expand the company to turn out to be the world rank food processing company. OSI Group is physically situated in 17 states with more than 70 facilities. The commodity limit is usually the protein products even though they manufacture vegetable products, sauces and baked goods.

OSI is a business company. It is not managed like any other normal organization. In this company there are rules and guidelines to obey, ranks of responsibility and monetary limits. Lavin has made the culture in this organization to be diverse. The culture was changed because it was the best way for all workers to do business and it has worked.

Lavin won several awards for business operations and management. In the year 2016 which are the Global Visionary Award Recipient and British Safety Council Globe of Honor Award. He has also been known for his philanthropic work. Lavin often sponsors large amount of money to the Ronald McDonald House Foundation. The charity company offers accommodations and amenities to families affected by health. Sheldon is determined about supporting families worldwide.

Sheldon mainly deals with big financial operations that make organizations retain complex food distribution chains. To strongly manage these operations, he keeps record of a big limit of factors. Some of these factors usually focus on the consumers, technology alteration and resources shortages. These variables are not easy to measure with the cost system. Lavin does not have a place where he gets answers from in order to solve the most pressing queries. Instead ,he share the questions with the expertise people in his company. Through that he is able to consider many factors while managing very little research. This has made him make good decisions about the organization.

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Paul Mampilly Gives Investment Advice to the Common Man and Woman

Despite the furor with which stock market investing is sometimes discussed only a third of Americans are presently investors. The other two thirds have contented themselves with the security and low returns afforded to them from their savings accounts. In recenttimes more people seem to be interesting in pursuing more aggressive returns on their money and more information click here.

However, market uncertainty and lack of investment knowledge has remained an efficient barrier for many interested parties. Paul Mampilly, a long-time proven expert in the business of investing, seeks to address this issue by providing professional level investment advice to the common man.

Mampilly believes that novice investors should concentrate their investment attention on technology and innovative trends. He cites as an example the enormous returns now enjoyed by investors purchasing shares in cell phone manufacturing companies in past years. In today’s market, Mampilly believes that Americans will soon become enamored with electric cars and eventually forego gas powered cars and Paul Mampilly’s lacrosse camp.

In addition to electric cars providing drivers with relief from the expense of gasoline, Paul Mampilly point out the electric cars are simpler constructions that are essentially made of three moving parts. With much less to replace and maintain it should not be long before Americans began to favor this choice over traditional cars. Likewise, owning stock in these companies should become popular for Americans.

A second trend Mampilly advises for those that choose to heed his advice is precision medicine. Precision medicine entails the process of performing genetic testing on individuals in order to more accurately diagnose diseases like cancer. Doctors will have genetic profiles of patients readily available to compare to genetic information present in a comprehensive database. This process allows a physician to provide a tailor made treatment for each patient according to that patient’s DNA. This will eliminate the need for any guesswork involved in treatment protocol and his Linkedin.

Many Americans are choosing more often to eat at their favorite restaurants rather than to prepare meals at home. It also trendy now more than ever for Americans to search for healthy meal alternatives. The challenge for the health conscious food consumer is that is is often times difficult to find restaurants catering to their needs. Paul Mampilly believes that this will spurn a trend that he urges investors to pursue. Mampilly believes that food delivery systems specializing in healthy meals are a favored featured investment and


About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a 1990 graduate of Montclair State University. Mampilly then attended Fordham Graduate School of Business where he earned his MBA in 1996. After a storied career on wall street Mampilly retired to begin publishing newsletters that would educate the public on investing. One newsletter is entitled Profits Unlimited and the other is titled Extreme Fortunes.

Avaaz Can Be Your Starting Place To Change the World

Have you ever wanted to get up off the couch, click of the TV and really do something about some of the terrible things you see happening on the nightly news?

Perhaps you’re concerned about climate change, or maybe animal cruelty. and How about poverty, or doing something to help the thousands of people who are refugees struggling to flee their war-torn countries?

Well, now you can get involved and you can truly help make meaningful changes. You can help to solve or alleviating all of these problems. Your place to start is the website of Avaaz. Here you will find detailed plans and instructions that will show you how to get involved – and how you can join thousands of others who are already working to transform the world and learn more about Avaaz.

Avaaz is the world’s largest online social advocacy organization. It was formed in 2007 through a partnership of Res Publica, and the Service Employees International Union. The Guardian called Avaaz the “world’s largest and most powerful online activist network.”

Think of Avaaz as a focal point for any person in the world, no matter where located, that allows anyone to get involved in solving the problems troubling our planet. That can be environmental, social, political or just neighbor helping neighbor is big or small ways and Avaaz’s lacrosse camp.

Avaaz is strictly a grassroots organization that accepts only small donations, and never takes more than $5,000 from any individual contributor. The focus of Avaaz is on ordinary people who want to make a difference in their own corner of the world and read full article.

The name Avaaz is a play on the word “voice” taken from a number of languages. As its name implies, Avaaz strives to give voice to everyone who wants to do whatever they can to make our planet a better place to live and

How Waiakea Water is Changing the Plastic Bottle Industry

Waiakea Water is not just another bottled water company, they have been using their success to help catapult them into a whole new stratosphere when it comes to changing an industry. The company began selling their brand of bottled water in 2012, and right out of the gates they were determined to make a mark like no other.

The combination of developing a new plastic bottle and giving back in abundance to those in need are a few of the ways Waiakea Water have been changing an industry.

Right from day one, Waiakea Water was committing themselves to helping those in need. From day one, Waiakea Water was already donating 3 percent of the company’s revenue to local Hawaiians that were in need. This water company was giving money to local organizations that could help Hawaiian residents who were down on their luck and needed a helping hand. The satisfaction that comes from helping others seemed to start a fire that resulted in the company wanting to do more.

Waiakea Water was extremely fortunate to have discovered a natural water source that not only produced millions of gallons of water a day, it made use of the natural volcanic tubes to purify the water so it was among the best tasting in the world. Ryan Emmons, founder of Waiakea Water, decided at this point the company was going to donate a week’s supply of fresh water for every bottle of his volcanic water sold, provided to communities around the world that were in need of fresh water.

Then Waiakea Water partnered with PumpAid, and was able to reach a global audience more effectively. Now, Waiakea Water would send their employees to different communities and with the help of PumpAid, install new water pumps so these communities could access their own fresh water whenever they needed. The Waiakea Water team would also so the locals how to maintain the pumps and educate them on preserving this most needed natural resource.

It only stands to reason that Waiakea Water is still not satisfied, so they are trying to help future generations to be able to enjoy the natural resources of the planet by developing the first fully degradable plastic water bottle.