Roberto Santiago’s Shopping Center Exceeding Brazilians’ Expectations

Roberto Santiago has joined the ranks of Brazil’s most influential entrepreneurs, and the business that propelled him into this status is none other than the biggest shopping mall in the Paraiba State of Brazil.


The Manaira shopping mall, which is also one of the biggest in the whole country, is very successful when comparing to other shopping centers in the country and even internationally speaking.


It was truly a wise move from Roberto Santiago to invest a lot in the Manaira Shopping and make sure every aspect of it was right when he officially opened it. Its slogan is “what are you gonna do today?” and this is a simple yet very effective way of psychologically appealing to the people that really says, “whatever you should or want to do today, you can do it better inside the Manaira Shopping.”


This philosophy of approaching the desires of teenagers and adults alike to have a great time, is what made the Manaira Shopping a part of the routine of many people who live or travel to Paraiba, in the city of João Pessoa. That slogan, which is very true in a sense, because the shopping activity of people inside the Manaira is amplified and made better with live music and events. Inside the mall, that musical regularity changes for customers and visitors of the mall not to get tired or get used to the activities that happen.


There are also a lot of activities made for all kinds of people, be it cinema or other types of leisure activities for families. No matter what age group the visitors are in, they will always find something to do in the Manaira Shopping.


Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Mall boasts of a hi-tech cinema made of the best quality materials that provide ultra high definition video and audio. That dedication makes the movie goers of the Manaira Shopping experience the best movie time possible when comparing to the national level of quality. The seats were made with high-quality fabric as well for the comfort of Manaira’s constant visitors.


That is consistent to what Roberto Santiago set as the standard for the Manaira, ‘providing a better experience to people, be it shopping, watching a movie, having a meal, or simply hanging out. Roberto Santiago said: Do it in the Manaira, because here you will have a better experience doing those things compared to others’.


The Manaira’s design for the arrangement of shops was also uniquely made because it factored in the way that a certain age group, for example teenagers behave during their shopping sessions. They took into mind the next shop a shopper goes to after he or she comes from another. The Manaira is slowly setting up the standard for how Brazilians should make or manage a shopping mall.