Roberto Santiago’s Shopping Center Exceeding Brazilians’ Expectations

Roberto Santiago has joined the ranks of Brazil’s most influential entrepreneurs, and the business that propelled him into this status is none other than the biggest shopping mall in the Paraiba State of Brazil.


The Manaira shopping mall, which is also one of the biggest in the whole country, is very successful when comparing to other shopping centers in the country and even internationally speaking.


It was truly a wise move from Roberto Santiago to invest a lot in the Manaira Shopping and make sure every aspect of it was right when he officially opened it. Its slogan is “what are you gonna do today?” and this is a simple yet very effective way of psychologically appealing to the people that really says, “whatever you should or want to do today, you can do it better inside the Manaira Shopping.”


This philosophy of approaching the desires of teenagers and adults alike to have a great time, is what made the Manaira Shopping a part of the routine of many people who live or travel to Paraiba, in the city of João Pessoa. That slogan, which is very true in a sense, because the shopping activity of people inside the Manaira is amplified and made better with live music and events. Inside the mall, that musical regularity changes for customers and visitors of the mall not to get tired or get used to the activities that happen.


There are also a lot of activities made for all kinds of people, be it cinema or other types of leisure activities for families. No matter what age group the visitors are in, they will always find something to do in the Manaira Shopping.


Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Mall boasts of a hi-tech cinema made of the best quality materials that provide ultra high definition video and audio. That dedication makes the movie goers of the Manaira Shopping experience the best movie time possible when comparing to the national level of quality. The seats were made with high-quality fabric as well for the comfort of Manaira’s constant visitors.


That is consistent to what Roberto Santiago set as the standard for the Manaira, ‘providing a better experience to people, be it shopping, watching a movie, having a meal, or simply hanging out. Roberto Santiago said: Do it in the Manaira, because here you will have a better experience doing those things compared to others’.


The Manaira’s design for the arrangement of shops was also uniquely made because it factored in the way that a certain age group, for example teenagers behave during their shopping sessions. They took into mind the next shop a shopper goes to after he or she comes from another. The Manaira is slowly setting up the standard for how Brazilians should make or manage a shopping mall.



The Reliability of USHealth Advisors

The United States Healthcare is one that is not affordable by every individual. The act has been marketed on every platform to popularize it. The healthcare was introduced after the then president Obama introduced the Obamacare. Majority of the population did not have any idea about the act. The Obamacare was being mishandled thus the healthcare was introduced to counter it. Follow USHealth Advisor on Twitter for updates.

Insurance companies had taken advantage of the people before the healthcare was introduced. The healthcare came up with products which were new to the market so that the population could benefit from it. The main aim of the healthcare was to protect the population from oppression. The people used to pay a lot of many for their medical cover.

The Obamacare involved people paying for abortions through the ACA plans which they had to comply with them. The United States health Advisors benefit offers a lot of benefits to its population. The health benefit involves citizens paying little money which can be accessed in situations when individuals have been injured or they become sick.

The healthcare’s staff have an added advantage since a discount is given to them. Doctors working with the healthcare get a good discount from those who work outside the network. The individuals working outside the network get a slightly lower discount than those in the network. The healthcare has gradually changed ideas in many hospitals in the United States. Stay up to date with USHealth Advisor at linkedin

The amount indicated on the price sheets when individuals visit the hospital resembles what the hospital pays for the individual. Most of the individuals have ended up being paid for their services by the healthcare because the amount they have used is little. Some individuals have had the chance of their money being returned to them since what they have paid is higher compared to the amount in the healthcare act.

The healthcare has been of benefit to the customers since the hospital outlines what the customers will pay and the amount it will pay. Individuals who have signed up for the lowest cost- benefit but after three months in the event, something has occurred within that period. They are eventually upgraded to the higher cost meaning the healthcare increase the amount to pay for the individual in context.

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A review of NewsWatch TV- How appearing on the show has opened doors

NewsWatch TV is a television show that runs for 30 minutes in the morning news. The show which is owned by Bridge Communications airs weekly on the ION network and every fortnight on AMC Network. The program keeps people updated with the latest news on technologies, consumer products, fashion, health and medical news, new product releases and the most recent developments from the entertainment world.
NewsWatch headquarters are in Washington, DC. Other offices are situated in Fairfax, New York City, and Denver, CO. The programme first came on TV in March 1990, and has since aired over 1, 000 original episodes and featured over 10, 000 individual stories.
The show which is hosted by Andrew Tropeano features individual reports by Eric Forest, Susan Bridges, and Amanda Forstrom on a range of subjects. NewsWatch TV Reviews and Testimonials makes it possible for people to share the experiences of companies and people hosted on the show.
One such company is SteelSeries, an international manufacturer of electronics and headphones. The company worked with NewsWatch back in 2013 to help promote their headphones and game controllers. The main aim of SteelSeries was to reach as many potential customers as possible and later use the professional video made by NewsWatch in their marketing efforts on social media.
The Senior Director of Marketing at SteelSeries said the NewsWatch team had terrific public relation skills which got the message across to a consumer level. The company was featured in the Tech Report, a segment about technological gadgets. The video was seen across the country in over 90 million households.
The two companies worked together before, but this segment brought about groundbreaking results. SteelSeries had always been popular, but after appearing on the show, their sales grew tenfold.
In her testimonial, Tori Pugliese of SteelSeries said the video was exactly what the company needed. The script was professionally written, and the video production was done to perfection. The products were also promoted on the social media network on NewsWatch.
As a result of the positive feedback, SteelSeries says it will continue to work with NewsWatch TV on future product launches.

Elysium Health Creates New Kind of Dietary Supplement Based on Science

Elysium Health, a newer company in the supplement field that was founded by MIT research scientist and professor Leonard Guarente, has brought its first product to market. Dubbed Basis, the nutritional supplement is a formulation that targets the production of one of life’s most fundamentally important molecules. It is currently the only supplement offered by Elysium Health, available on their website.

The NAD+ Revolution
If the average person on the street heard the term nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, he or she might assume that it was just a lot of scientific jargon that had little to no bearing on his or her own life. However, this molecule, abbreviated as NAD+, turns out to be one of the most fundamental building blocks in life’s edifice.

So critical and basic is this molecule that it and its variants can be found in all living organisms, from the lowliest bacterium to the hundred-ton baleen whales of the Pacific. NAD+ is a key component in the process known as cellular respiration, the chief means by which cells are able to use and store energy. Cellular respiration refers to a host of processes that are distinct from the respiration we normally think of, known as breathing. Basis, Elysium’s only product, aims to increase NAD+ levels.

WAX and Malcolm Want to Rule The Virtual and Physical World

The Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX)’s main goal is to have physical objects and assets to have value in the virtual as well as the physical world. If you buy an ax in a virtual game, you could sell it in the physical world and earn real money for it.

One of the challenges giving value to virtual assets or tokenizing assets is trying to trying to tie the blockchain to the asset. Their ve solution so far is to have a bureaucracy of real people closely monitor each transaction. The monitors are called Transfer Agents and a group of these agents are called Guilds.

The guild monitors the Transfer Agents because their reputation could suffer if they don’t dot their job properly. Token will change to a guild that does better job in the long run.

WAX’s innovations are creating a whole new world of virtual and physical assets that cf ould never be exchanged before. The trading of virtual objects connected to WAX will attract physd ical assets and should guarantee that the the blockchains connected to these physical items will help WAX control them. WAX could be the chief master of virtual and physical assets.

Malcolm CasSelle Celebrates Major Success in Cryptocurrency Market with Worldwide Asset eXchange Sales

The president of WAX is an entrepreneur named Malcolm CasSelle. Before he worked for WAX, he was the Chief Trading Officer and President of New Ventures at tronc, Inc. which used to be Tribune Publishing. He joined tronc, Inc. after being the Senior Vice President and General Manager at SeaChange International.

CasSelle is still quite active with other companies. He has acted as an investor in Facebook, Zynga and companies that are involved with Bitcoin,

His credentials are that he got a bachelor’s degree from MIT in Computer Science and a master’s degree from Stanford University in Computer Science. He also found time to learn Japanese and Chinese Mandarin.

The Transformation Of The America Education Sector Under Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos remains to be one of the most acclaimed women in the political and business sectors of the United States. Her interests in the American politics are underpinned by the need to reform the American education system. Betsy DeVos took the leading role in rooting for charter schools. As the current cabinet secretary of education in the government of Donald Trump, Betsy DeVos is expected to bring change to the schools’ system.


Betsy DeVos was raised in Holland, Michigan. Together with her husband Dick DeVos, the couple has done a lot of work to ensure that more students in Michigan access quality education regardless of their family background. Betsy DeVos was born in the powerful family of Edgar Prince, and his father owned the Prince Corporation. The firm is one of the prominent dealers in automobile parts. Betsy DeVos graduated from the Calvin College with a Bachelor’s Degree in business administration. Her husband Dick DeVos is a renowned businessman and philanthropist in Michigan.


Since 1982, Betsy has remained central in the affairs of the Republican Party. She took the active role of a member of the party in that year. In 1986, Betsy DeVos got nominated as the Michigan delegate to the Republican Party. In 1992, she rose through the political ladder to become a member of the Michigan Republican National Committee, a post she held for half a decade. One of the most notable contributions of Betsy DeVos to the Republican Party is the leading role she took during the re-election campaign of Bush in 2004. Her family was acknowledged for the financial resources it contributed towards the campaigns of various Republican aspirants including George Bush.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation were established in the late 1980s. The charity offers support to various institutions and organizations that are dealing with the challenges facing the American education system. So far, Betsy and her husband have donated more than $139 million towards the operations of the organization. Some of the primary beneficiaries of the family’s generosity include Christian missions, hospitals, charter schools and medical research programs.


Due to her commitment to the growth of education in the American society, President Bush appointed Betsy DeVos as a board member of the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. The Betsy and DeVos Family Foundation played an integral role in the establishment of DeVos Institute of Arts Management. The family also launched the ArtPrize, a competition held every year in Michigan to recognize various talents in the field of art.


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Can the Open Society Foundation Defeat the Right?

In politics, some people are far more influential than others. They can throw their weight around as if they were king of the room. George Soros is such a powerful man when he wields the Open Society Foundation. He is so powerful that the right wishes he was not continually interfering in their work, and read full article.

Soros gained this power like any good American: hard work, a dream, and determination. He worked two jobs to put himself through the London School of Economics. Here he accumulated knowledge and wisdom that would not only change his life but even the direction of the country at times, and

Upon graduation, he would start and run an extremely successful hedge fund which is known as Soros Fund Management. His net worth after successful running this hedge fund grew to over $25 billion. Soros had held liberal (or left-leaning) views since his college days, so it was easy for him to decide what to do with his money and power: thwart Republicans everywhere.

As part of his campaign to promote the values of the left and destroy the agenda of the right, in 2004, George Soros took on the leader of the free world. That year Soros did everything he could to see that George W. Bush was not reelected. To help fight Bush’s reelection, Soros donated a record amount of $27 million to the Democratic Party, with most of that earmarked for John Kerry’s presidential bid. Unfortunately, Soros’s money was not enough to defeat Bush, who served a second term.

As that term came to a close, Soros looked for a new Democrat to support. His initial instinct was to back Hilary Clinton, but after some thought, he switched to supporting Barrack Obama, a Senator from Illinois. Soros donated millions to the Obama campaign but eventually split with Obama, feeling that Obama’s campaign was not moving in the strongly liberal direction Soros favored. Later he apologized to Clinton for supporting Obama, and

After Obama served two terms, Soros officially backed Clinton in the following election. When Soros began to fear that Trump might win the election, he stepped up his support. You see, George Soros hates Trump. Soros feels that Trump is mentally unfit for the presidency, based on both intelligence and emotional instability. Soros donated actively to Democrats during that election, including $1.5 million to Democratic Senate campaigns and $25 million to Clinton and other Democratic causes. With Clinton’s loss, however, Soros did not back down. He instead turned his efforts to making the presidency as difficult as possible for Trump. He quickly began organizing and funding anti-Trump events, including the women’s rights protest march which took place immediately after Trump was inaugurated. Since then, Soros has given money to pro-Democratic organizations, including the super PACs Planned Parenthood Votes, American Bridge 21st Century, and Immigrant Voters Win.

George Soros continues to support and fund democratic causes around the world through his Open Society Foundation through which he has given over $1 Billion, and