Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Will Step Down As CEO, Move To Chairmanship

The largest bank in Brazil, Grupo Bradesco, has recently announced that there will be major changes at the highest echelons of its corporate management structure.

The bank has said that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, the current CEO, will step down, replacing outgoing chairman Lazaro Brandao as the head of the board of directors. Although this shakeup probably won’t have a great effect on the overall operations of the bank or the direction in which it is headed, many stakeholders have expressed reservations about the move.

But Brandao, who is now approaching 92 years old and is one of the oldest currently serving chairpersons in the world, has stated that the time has finally come for him to permanently retire. The nonagenarian, inveterate banker has spent his entire career with Bradesco. For the last 75 years, he has dedicated his life to the building of the bank, becoming nearly synonymous in the minds of shareholders with the prosperity that the bank has enjoyed over the last 35 years.

Trabuco Cappi is a key player in the bank as well. After having first come to work at Bradesco in 1969, when he was just 18 years old, Trabuco Cappi has had an impressive career, leaving an indelible mark on the bank and proving that he is a capable leader and agile innovator.

One of the main questions that has been left unanswered is the question of who will replace Trabuco Cappi as CEO. The current CEO has until March of 2018 to make the decision on who he will appoint. Trabuco Cappi has stated that the decision is a serious one and that he will take all the time necessary to make it. In the mean time, he will act both as chairman and as CEO, the first time a single person has occupied both positions at the bank since 1999, when Lazaro Brandao stepped down as CEO after having held both offices since 1990.


Who will be the next CEO of Bradesco?

The question on everyone’s mind is who the next CEO of Bradesco will be. At first, there were rumors swirling around that Trabuco Cappi was looking to recruit the next CEO from outside the firm. This was given added credence by Trabuco Cappi’s own statements and actions. He has become widely known as an objective, performance-based promoter. And he had even been personally responsible for founding a school of executive management that was specifically designed to increase the pool of managerial prospects within Brazil.

But Trabuco Cappi quickly put these rumors to rest. He came out and explicitly stated that he will not be departing from the traditions of the company and will instead be promoting the next CEO from among the ranks of the currently existing vice presidents of the firm according to

This theoretically gives the possibility of seven viable candidates. But those close to the process acknowledge that it is unlikely that Trabuco Cappi would appoint five of those. This leaves just two candidates that have any real chance of acceding to the level of CEO.

The first is Alexandre Gluher. The 58 year old chief risk officer for the bank has been with Bradesco for nearly his entire career. He has been responsible for guiding the firm through the difficult times of the early 2000s and was instrumental in the acquisition of HSBC Brazil.

On the other hand, Mauricio Minas, the 57 year old chief technology officer, has been named by many as being the far-away favorite to be appointed. The tech-savvy executive was personally responsible for the design and implementation of the wildly successful Next online banking platform.

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Lifeline Screening: Conducting Tests to Save Lives

Lifeline Screening is a company that was established in the 1990s that provides kits and screening tests to people which enabled them to detect if they are suffering from cardiovascular diseases. The screening method is simple, and severe cardiovascular diseases have been detected since the establishment of the company. The system that was developed by Lifeline Screening is effective, and more people are using their kits to know more about their body condition. Upon diagnosing themselves if they are positive for any cardiovascular diseases, people who have took the tests from Lifeline Screening changed their lifestyles. This would ensure them that the acquisition rate of a future cardiovascular disease would be kept at a minimum.

The company is supervised by several people, and one of them is Dr. Andrew Manganaro. He is one of the company’s leaders, and they are converging often to discuss how the system can be improved, and how it changed the lives of thousands. Before establishing Lifeline Screening, Dr. Andrew Manganaro attended the New York University School of Medicine where he received his master’s degree. He has been practicing cardiovascular surgery for several years, and his profession gave him the chance to see how deadly heart diseases can be, and how it can be detected early to prevent major problems in the future. His expertise in cardiovascular surgery gave him the idea to develop a screening method that would enable everyone to determine if they are suffering from heart disease. Lifeline Screening uses ultrasound and blood sampling to identify if someone is suffering from a fatal cardiovascular disease. Many people benefitted from the system that Lifeline Screening introduced. It also resulted in the company’s exponential growth, and they also managed to operate overseas because of their success in the United States.

Patients coming from all over the United States would flock the clinic of Dr. Andrew Manganaro each day. He had to wake up early in the morning to accommodate as many patients as possible, and he would be screening each patient one after another. Using the simple screening methods by Lifeline Screening, he would be taking the specimen – like blood – into the laboratory and let the medical technicians examine it. They would then discuss what the results are, and Dr. Andrew Manganaro will be speaking with the patient to let them know what happened. Thousands of people who are unaware of their present body condition visit the clinic, hoping that they will be enlightened about their current health status. Many people feel relieved after knowing the result that they do not have any sort of heart disease, but some are feeling nervous when they find out that they have heart disease. Dr. Andrew Manganaro encourages those who have heart disease to change their lifestyle immediately.

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The Osteo Relief Institute Equals Relief For Your Joint Pain

The debilitating pain of Arthritis affects more than 50 million people in the United States. This disease is common amongst women and is the main cause of people becoming disabled.


There are more than one hundred different types of Arthritis but the most common are Osteoarthritis which is a degenerative disease (ReleaseFact). The soft tissue between the joints deteriorates as people get older.


There are various causes that affect the joints such as genetics, excessive weight gain, and previous injuries are factors to consider. Don’t fret. Even though Osteoarthritis is an incurable disease, it is manageable. The Osteo Relief Institute has options to help reduce or relieve joint pain.


The Osteo Relief Institute has a staff that is trained in using the updated treatments and study the causes of joint pain. The Physical Therapists and Doctors are board certified. The institute uses’ FDA approved techniques and treatments. The Osteo Relief Institute treats the Spine, Back, Degenerative Joint Disease, and Arthritic Pain.


After a patient has been thoroughly examined at the Osteo Relief Institute, the doctors develop and design a customized treatment plan that may include:

* The NSAIDs such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen, and Acetaminophen can reduce the inflammation and reduce or eliminate the joint pain.

* Changing the patients daily diet to consume less sugar, refined carbohydrates, and low saturated fats and lean meats.

* Water is essential is essential to the body’s organs, cells and tissues will function properly.

* Low impact exercise such as aerobics, swimming in a heated pool, riding a stationary bike, and weight training.


The Osteo Relief Institute uses these techniques and offers non-surgical procedures.

* Natural lubrications that are injected into the joints.

* Strengthening techniques for the Knee and Spine.

* Recommending the Bio-Mechanical Advanced Braces.

* Low Dose Motion X-Rays called Video Fluoroscopy.


The doctors may decide that surgery is needed and will discuss with the patient the various outcomes of the procedures.

The Osteo Relief Institute offers these options:

* Joint Replacements.

* Joint Fusions.

* Minimally Invasive Joint Repair.

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Glen Wakeman Expands His Successful Business Formula to Startups

Succeeding in the world of finance comes from different sources for many individuals, but the common theme among any professional is a possession of strong work ethic and leadership skills. For financial professional Glen Wakeman, the path to success consists of a few principles that can be applied to any business venture to improve it and help it to succeed. These same standards are what have allowed Wakeman to create his own firm, LaunchPad Holdings LLC.


LaunchPad Holdings was created in 2015 as a springboard for other developing businesses (Wikipedia). Wakeman states that the idea for the firm came from a desire to meet great ideas with the proper amount of funding. He adds that the major missing link in most startups is the organization of leadership and structuring a plan around ideas.


When Glen Wakeman finds the right startups, he then implements his principles into each business so that all leaders are focused on nurturing human capital, managing inherent risk, and effectively making executive decisions. Through this method, Wakeman is able to apply to other business ventures the foundation that led to his own personal success. LaunchPad Holdings continues to uphold these principles and grow its portfolio.


Glen Wakeman had his sights set on the financial sector since his time at college. He is a graduate of the University of Scranton, leaving the school with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Finance. Wakeman also earned his MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago in 1983 and quickly began his career afterward. He held positions at GE Capital succeeding with this firm and helping to solidify his reputation as a business leader.


Over the years, Glen Wakeman has personally overseen the development of companies worth a total of over $15 billion in assets and consisting of thousands of employees on staff. The success experienced by Wakeman has made him a popular speaker in the area of finance, and he also has put much of this knowledge into writing. Glen Wakeman regularly contributes articles and blog posts to different publications, sharing his expertise with other professionals on a global scale.

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Dr. Mark Holterman Helping People Have a Better Life

A successful career in research and medicine does not happen overnight. Dr. Mark Holterman knows all about it since his experience spans more than twenty years in these fields. He works as a professor of surgery and pediatrics at the University of Illinois, but he started out in research. His dedication and talent were noticed by other industry professionals, and he received the Innovative Research Award. It proved to Dr. Mark Holterman that hard work pays off.


He is interested in many different aspects of healthcare and research connected to it. He graduated from the University of Virginia before his career started. He worked on diabetes research. He wants to find a cure for this disease. ADA was working with Children’s Hospital in LA to raise the conversation on diabetes back to the surface. They want to show young people how important it is to gain knowledge about diabetes since children experience it more often these days. Dr. Mark Holterman is a part of this movement since he understands how vital educating the younger people is.


Another program Dr. Mark Holterman is interested in is working together with the International Paediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam (Linkedin). He wants to be a part of the team teaching the new Vietnamese medical specialists. This project aims to help people access better medical care and improves the quality of life. It is a volunteer opportunity and includes patient care as well as lectures on surgery around different medical schools and facilities around the country. Volunteers can apply by supplying their CV, and the organization advises them to buy medical insurance before traveling to their destination after being accepted into the program.


Dr. Mark Holterman is proud of all the projects he is involved in because it allows him to help other people who might not be as lucky in life. He works hard on everything he takes on to achieve the results he wants to see. It helps the infrastructure as well as education while he can use his knowledge and experience at the same time. People find his dedication and talent inspirational and enjoy reading about the new projects on Dr. Mark Holterman’s blog as well.

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Stream Energy Money Saving Advice

At this very moment, you could be losing massive amounts of energy in your home. Perhaps, you’ve taken a look at your recent energy bill and were surprised by the amount that was charged. This is a common occurrence. The fact is that any device that you leave plugged in, is slowly draining energy and raising your utility bill. This includes coffee makers, computers, chargers, televisions, and stereos. Stop the drain and higher energy bills by plugging those devices into a surge protector. Flip the entire surge protector off to shut down power to those devices completely and save money.


Stream Energy

Those in the Dallas, Texas area are probably very familiar with Stream Energy. The company is a leading supplier of energy in the area. Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajki, are the founders of the company. They started the company back in 2004, after the deregulation of the electricity market in Texas. Deregulation involves removing or repealing present state laws as they apply to the electricity market ( The company took that opportunity and is now licensed to provide electrical services to people in that community. Today, Stream Energy has expanded their operation to other states. Now, the company supplies electrical energy to Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington D.C. and New York.


Multi-Level Marketing

Stream Energy has chosen a different method to market their service to the public. Multilevel marketing involves recruiting salespeople to market the product to the public on a commission basis. The fact is that those working for Stream Energy are supplied with the opportunity to make money in two ways. They have the opportunity to make money selling Stream Energy to customers or recruiting new team members to sell Stream Energy to the public. Their unique approach to marketing seems to be working for the company.

Jorge Moll Participates In Discussions Regarding The Future Of Health Care In Brazil

Jorge Moll and Paulo Chapchap presented health managements visions of entrepreneurship. This began with a speech by the President of FEHOSUL, Cláudio José Allgayer. Three hundred people attended the debates and lectures. A speech by Jorge Moll, Rede D’Or São Luiz’s Chairman of the Board of Directors followed. He spoke of the trends in the health field, and the impact of the national and international environments on contemporary hospital management. The discussions included safety in service delivery, quality, limited resources, and infinite needs. The biggest challenge was defined as the difference between demand and supply.


The debates included utilitarian changes in medicine, current management, the needs of the future generations, the foresight necessary to change the thinking process, and the question of how to attend to everything. Current management was criticized for not using a mosaic of variables and the cause of the lack of growth in Brazil’s private health markets. The belief is the population must not be neglected, and the actions of the government must be expanded.


Jorge Moll led the activity regarding the impacts and health trends of the hospital management ( He is the founder of 32 hospitals in Brazil, and the Network, and is a businessman and a cardiologist. He believes due to the size of Rio de Janeiro one hospital will not suffice, and a network is needed to efficiently serve the population (Facebook). He stated this is how the Network’s first three establishments were built with technology and quality. He said debts made the beginning difficult, but he did not give in to discouragement and accepted the large social responsibility.


Jorge Moll commented on Brazil’s economic crisis, and how a lot of individuals left their health plans to use SUS, or changed to a plan with lower quality and less coverage. He presented the Total Health Management Model, to provide the people with health care coverage without waste, and at a decreased cost. The doctors and businessmen do not know what becomes of their patients because there is no follow up. For this reason, Jorge Moll believes the Network can offer more understanding of the patient’s treatment, and navigate the complexity of the situation.


The Amazing Contributions of Talk Fusion

Bob Reina, the CEO and the founder of the video marketing company known as Talk Fusion recently published two new articles on Huff post on. Bob talks about ways of thriving in a place surrounded by quitters and ways of understanding clients. HuffPost’s main mission is to tell the stories of those individuals who have always been left out. The initiatives of HuffPost resonate well with Reina’s mission both as a contributor and as the figurehead of Talk Fusion Company.



Reina explained that he is a believer in the innovation art. He also said that the growth of the firm is never complete. He adds that as both a philanthropist and a leader, his goal is to aim at setting up people to succeed regardless of the place they are in the globe or what their backstory may supposedly be and he thinks that clearly shows up in the articles he writes.



Reina has been contributing to HuffPost since August 2016. His wide contributor platform highlights self-development, skillful selling, lifestyle, marketing and entrepreneurship. By being the home of the globe’s first all-in-one marketing solution in the video, Talk fusion targets to assist businesses to increase profits and sales, keep their clients coming back and stand out from any competition. Talk fusion normally provides various ways to make marketing a bit more memorable, persuasive and engaging in Video.



The innovative products of Talk Fusion are usually marketed individually by the independent associates in over 140 countries. There is usually thirty days free trials of all-in-one marketing solution in video for all those clients that wish to buy the product and no credit card is required for that. Founded in the year 2007 by the CEO and Founder Bob Reina, Talk Fusion is strongly dedicated to giving back to animal charities, communities, friends and family across the globe. Learn more:


Protecting the Future with USHEALTH Advisors

USHEALTH Advisors is a subsidiary of USHEALTH Group. It was founded in 2010 and tasked with selling individual insurance plans. It is also responsible for the sale of additional products from Freedom Life Insurance Company of America which is also a subsidiary of USHEALTH Group. The enterprise focuses on individuals, families, small business owners, and the self-employed.

USHEALTH Advisors came up with a mission (H.O.P.E) with the aim of making a difference in the lives of others. Troy McQuagge initiated the project in 2010. Through H.O.P.E, the company makes donations of time, labor, and money to help families in the community. Together with the Phoenix of New Orleans, the group volunteered hundreds of working hours towards the restoration efforts aimed at building safe houses for residents. It was after the Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. The H.O.P.E project continued its philanthropic work by donating shoes, clothes, baby formula and other supplies to The Crisis Nursery. USHEALTH Advisors have continually donated towards charity with the aim of uplifting the society.

USHEALTH Advisors pays a competitive salary to its employees. On average, a USHEALTH Advisor employee takes home an approximate of $70,341 per year for a licensed agent. A business owner earns an estimate of $200,000 per year. However, the earnings vary depending on the effort of an individual. As there is no commission cap, an employee stands to make as much as they can.

The company offer insurance covers classified into a variety of groups. They offer innovative coverage to their customers through the insurance companies. They provide coverage that meets the customer requirements at a favorable cost. They have four primary coverage policies. They have the Med Guard that covers certain medical conditions. Additionally, when a client is diagnosed with the disease that’s included, the insurance pays money to cover for non-medical expenses. They have Accident Cover that covers against injuries caused by accidents. They also have the Secure Dental Cover that is further classified into three. Finally, they have the Life Protector that serves to ensure the family is well-taken care off in the event of an untimely demise. Read more reviews at


What Aloha Construction Is Made Of

Aloha Construction is a company that is based in the Lake Zurich area in Chicago. It serves Illinois and parts of Wisconsin. They have an entire field and office team that works together to bring you the very best in construction. It is family owned, and although it has grown to a large size, it still retains the ethics, kindness, and customer service of a family owned and operated business. They have completed thousands of projects in their target area, and have thousands of satisfied customers who sing their praises.

They aim to maintain the highest levels of honesty, integrity, and customer service. They are unmatched in regards to their customer satisfaction levels and their levels of safety and security, and .

David Farbaky, known as Dave Farbaky for short, is the President and CEO of Aloha. He is a great entrepreneur and really cares about his customers. There is no doubt in the minds of his many customers that Dave Farbaky cares a great deal about his clients and always makes sure that his team delivers the very best when it comes to construction. They rely on him to provide them with the things they need for their home construction and renovation. David Farbaky is also a family man who is a father to kids and

Aloha can take care of your roofing needs. There are many things and storms that can damage roofs. Aloha has a nine step process to check your roof and see if it meets safety standards. If it does not, they will gladly repair it for you as soon as possible.

Gutters are also important, as they help prevent flooding and water damage. They help prevent roofs from getting damaged and leaking. David Farbaky and his team can help repair your gutters when they get damaged or broken and learn more about Aloha Construction.