Early Music Career of Casio Audi

Cassio Audi is currently known for his involvement in the financial industry. However, before his career in the business world, he had another one in his early/ teenage life. Cassio Audi was a founding member of a rock music band known as Viper Rock band. Cassio Audi formed the band alongside his friends Yves Passarel, Yves Passarel, Felipe Machado and Andre Machado. They started the music bans in 1985. Cassio Audi was playing drums for the group until 1989 when he left the group to pursue studies in finance. The music band drew their musical inspiration from a metallic music band from England known as Iron Maiden. Fans of the Viper Rock Band who remember Cassio Audi know him as a talented musician and drummer who would have definitely had a successful career in the music industry and learn more about Cassio Audi.

Cassio Audi was part of the band world tour when they launched their first demo album. The demo album was called “Killer Sword”. Some of the hit singles in the album included; Killera, Nightmare and Princess from Hell. These hit songs would later be featured in their first official album. The official album was called “Soldiers of Sunrise”. It was released in 1987. However, these songs were featured with some slight adjustments from their original versions and more information click here.

Music critics opined that there was still room for improvement. Viper Music Band released the songs in the English language. This was a deviation from the norm since English was a second language in the country. However, critics still maintained that the group had done marvelously with the first release. The first music album was also reviewed by AllMusic who gave it 4 stars. This album has been redone several times since its release. Cassio Audi left the group in 1989 just when the band was releasing the second album.

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