How End Citizens United Plan to Amend the Super PACs Law

End Citizens United fully embraces the campaign finance reforms tabled in Congress .by Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and Congressman John Sarbanes seek to reform campaign financing and the use of undisclosed monies during election campaigns. It’s a fully detailed proposal that endeavors to reinstate moral laws in America’s campaign finance system that has been violated. The reforms are timely, and they come at a time when heavy spending of undisclosed sums of money had replaced the ethical laws. The reforms aim at reintroducing accountability by addressing the ethical grounds under which certain leaders are elected


The past general election raised numerous ethical issues regarding campaign finance violations to the extent of foreign interference. Such a system is faulty and has to be ended. It seems like democracy for sale to candidates with lots of money. Wealthy interested groups and individuals finance candidates with unlimited funds waiting to push their interests once such persons are elected. This is corrupting democracy and comprising the sovereignty of a state especially when such finances come from foreign governments. The campaign finance laws need to be amended to dignify democracy for the interests of Americans. This deliberate action by The House Democracy Reform Task Force will return the voice of the American electorate and grant them a fair opportunity to elect leaders of their choice free from monetary manipulations.


End Citizens United on behalf of special interests will actualize these reforms by supporting good leaders in raising reasonable campaign funds through limited donations. Funding by the people will raise both funds and support. Its main agenda is to eradicate undisclosed monies in campaigns and bring in reasonable and “clean” finances to fund campaigns. The approach is commendable as it does not only point out at the problem but also seeks to solve it. In three months, ECU raised $4 million from its members and 40000 of whom were new donors and hopes to raise more by 2018 midterm elections.


Tiffany Muller points out that the organization aims to have campaign reforms champions elected. It is also a way of fighting against a “rigged election system” as experienced during the Trump election. It is the high time that leaders are elected on the basis of their credibility rather than their financial muscles. Democracy is about the people and therefore leaders should represent the voices of the electorate. The reforms will also topple the Supreme Court’s decision of 2010 which allowed union and corporate donations in candidate’s election and opened doors for unlimited spending in campaigns. ECU has capped individual donation to $ 5000. The group also does not put money first as its key agenda is to mobilize as many people as possible to support their endorsed candidate.