Mike Baur A Perfect Businessman Example

Mike Baur, who is 42 years old was born in Born in Fribourg, Switzerland, and as a teen was fascinated by Financing and Banking. He is an entrepreneur and businessman from Swiss. He is best known for his steel public sculptures and architectural scale concrete, but is also prolific in works of smaller scale, exploiting any and all materials which are available to work with his hands.


In 1973, he graduated with a BFA from Arkansas State University. He attended the Illinois Graduate University School in Sculpture.


Baur Lost several large pieces in a tornado while he was in the first year, so he switched from fiberglass to concrete. In 1974 Barcelona, Spain, he won an international competition to build a 200-ton concrete sculpture.


Baur has 20 years’ experience in the Swiss banking industry; he is the Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of the organization Swiss Startup Factory together with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister. Baur is responsible for financing rounds and fundraising at Swiss Startup Factory.


The Swiss Startup FacRory (SSUF) launched in 2014 is the Number one privately financed and independent early stage ICT Startup Accelerator in Zurich, Switzerland. It is driven by the ambitions to create global companies that disrupt the prevailing norms, business models and products. In January 2016 CTI partnered with Swiss Startup Factory, and Baur was named CTI Invest deputy managing director.


In early 2016 Baur led the organization through its startup program accelerator with Goldback Group; February 2016 he led the Swiss Startup Factory in partnering with Fintech Fusion.


An English-language, New York City-based international daily newspaper “The Wall Street Journal” profiled the early career of Mike Baur from Swiss banking to startup investments and entrepreneurship in December 2016.


Baur said that there are many platforms like theirs; public authorities supports most of them. They wanted to develop an accelerator managed and funded in a private, independent and mostly entrepreneurial way.


Early stage projects which are active in the digital world are quickly jostling at the gate. Thirty percent of them are in financial technology. Strategic partners such as Red Bull Media House, Helvetia and AMAG supports the accelerator.


Mike Baur, is a perfect example, he devoted most of his life in business. He is willing to invest financially, give you all the necessary tools to make you successful, and share his knowledge to help a stranger succeed in the business world.



The Inspirtations of Eric Lefkofky

The great minds of today are shaping innovation and the future. An entrepreneur that is known for his contributions to the global community is Eric Lefkosky, a U.S. business man and inventor. Lefkosky is known for several endeavors developed as a serial entrepreneur, each which have offered cutting edge changes to the globe while providing new solutions to those interested in technology, health and business and more information click here.

Lefkofsky began as an entrepreneur in 1993 through an apparel brand, beginning his first business quickly after college. While the apparel did not reach a level of success, it led Lefkofsky to his second business of Starbelly, which offered marketing solutions for the Internet. While Starbelly was known for it’s early success on the web, it quickly went bankrupt and was unable to continue with the Internet offerings.

The early lessons of Lefkofsky led to different approaches to business that has led to his success. His latest development is Tempus, which offers an innovative technology to offer personalized cancer care. The new company launched in 2016 and Lefkofsky is continuing to provide a position as a CEO. He also serves as co-founder and CEO of Groupon, the online coupon site that has developed a global reputation for the services provided. Lefkofsky has also developed a media company, venture capital fund and analytics company, all which have led to success for the entrepreneur.

The many endeavors of Lefkofskt has not only created a legend of his entrepreneurial spirit. This has led to other opportunities for the community. Lefkosfky is known for his charitable foundation, designed to support the global community through education, science and children. He is also known among community organizations for his concepts about disruptive business models and the entrepreneurial spirit and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

The businesses and contributions of Eric Lefkosfky have provided diverse options for the community. From his most recent contribution of Tempus to his commitment to charities and businesses, he has provided several ideals for technology, innovation and positive disruption. Through his many successes in business, Lefkosky has become a part of the new frontier for technology and the entreprenurial spirit and learn more about Eric.

Other Reference: http://lefkofskyfoundation.com/about-eric-lefkofsky/

Samuel Strauch

According to an article by IdeaMensch on his interview, we find that Samuel Strauch a successful entrepreneur has the heart to share his success with the people. His going to Miami made him realized that, the city was growing as a metropolis from a vacation destination, and that there was construction of real estates in the city, therefore, he could bring together clients and willing business partners to start up the businesses. Samuel Strauch is an outgoing enthusiast who chooses to use his day mingling with new ideas and in the process making new friends and bonding with his partners and clients.

In addition, Samuel Strauch believes that the way forward to execute ideas is by being creative enough to analyze its vulnerability, keeping in mind that it might or might not work out. If it proves fertile, he then implements the ideas using all the necessary time and resources.

As an entrepreneur, Samuel Staunch recommends reflection. This gives one an opportunity to understand their personal and professional endeavors therefore, giving one an opportunity to be productive. He has interests in different trends, which includes the cultures of people in the new generation particularly their way of thoughts. He believes that with the evolution in society, the future industries are likely to change.

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After college, Samuel Strauch had an opportunity to work at a firm in an operational department where his job was to organize documents and reports; this according to him is the worst job because he found it boring with no creative ideas brought to being. His lesson was never to work on what he disliked and to go for that which made him happy. In contrary to the disappointments due to trusting the wrong people in his business, he still thinks he cannot change the way he has done things before because his pros outweighs the cons. His main strategy is win-win, with all the people he interacts with, including partners and investors.

Samuel Strauch as a successful investor in several internet and restaurant business established his own company, which has proved as a success after he quit working at a bank in order to join his family’s real estate business in Florida. He has an undergraduate degree in business from Hofstra University in New York.

Learn more about Samuel Strauch: http://www.elgraderio.com/2017/06/01/samuel-strauch-discute-el-nuevo-estadio-futbol-de-ultima-generacion-de-david-beckham-en-miami/

Anthony Petrello’s Reason For Giving to TCH

Anthony Petrello may be most known for bringing in millions in revenue each month to Nabors Industries, one of the world’s most profitable oil drilling technology and contractor companies based in Houston. But he’s spent a lot of money and spoken at business gatherings about the need to support the Texas Children’s Hospital. Petrello has given $7 million to the Dan and Jan Duncan Neurological Research Institute there because they have some of the finest medical professionals looking into cures for diseases such as cerebral palsy and other seizures. Petrello even has a young daughter named Carena who has CP and much of his endeavors to help TCH’s institute stem from his love for her and learn more about Anthony.


Anthony Petrello grew up in New Jersey and was a math genius all the way through college. He received both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Yale University, and then he went into corporate law when he attended Harvard Law School and completed his J.D. He started as an associate for Baker & McKenzie Law Firm where he gained experience in tax laws and how they affected big banks and hedge funds, corporate restructuring, underwriting, and offshore accounts and financing. In 7 years of practice Petrello became a managing partner at the firm. After 13 years in corporate law, Petrello stepped down and accepted a position as the Chief Operating Officer of Nabors Industries. He was later elevated to Chairman and CEO of Nabors Industries when longtime Chairman Eugene Isenberg passed away in 2011 and more information click here.


As CEO of Nabors Industries, Petrello has been responsible for growing company operations and entering partnerships with other companies in the industry. He’s also responsible for guiding investments in technology proprietary software development. Petrello has ranked among the nation’s highest-paid executives including reaching number 1 in 2013 after a contract renewal bonus brought him to $68 million including stocks and equity tied to him. The drop in bonuses in 2014 brought him down significantly the following year. Petrello has also been involved in company shareholder relations meetings and Anthony’s lacrosse camp.

More visit: https://www.bcm.edu/news/genetics/brain-heart-link-explain-sudden-death-in-rett