Brian Bonar Provides Successful Financial Services through Trucept Inc

Financial management is the hallmark of all investments. There is more that comes with the name finance administration and executive. From leading clients to the right direction of investment to handling their issues at work, a finance manager plays a vital role when it comes to managing a customer’s portfolio.

Versatility must be part of a finance manager’s characteristics. At the same time, a finance manager must offer clients a series of diversified portfolios.


In a world with many tough decisions to make regarding business and work, Brian Bonar has made a name for himself in the field of finance and business. It is true to state that most finance executives have similar qualities when dealing with clients. However, Bonar brings to the industry of finance and financial management a new method of dealing with customers in finding solutions.

Bonar is the chief executive officer of Trucept Inc. With thirty years experience in the industry of finance, Bonar understands the ropes involved in running finances. The chief executive officer of Dalrada is better placed to control the activities of the organization due to his extensive experience.


Under Bonar’s leadership, Dalrada offers clients with an extensive base of employee services. These services heighten business productivity. The services include financial management, management of services, risk management services in insurance in addition to employee benefits.

Besides being the chief executive officer of Imaging Technologies, Brian’s leadership has been an excellent quality in transforming the firm from being a developer to a marketer. Bonar has assisted Imaging Technologies in expanding its market niche to providing products and services.


Through Bonar, ITEC has acquired a market niche in the human resource department. Bonar has an excellent leadership foundation in finance. He established a solid foundation of leadership in his career. His success in the industry as a career executive with excellent leadership skills continues to position him in a better managerial place in the sector of finance and human resource.

His flexibility has allowed him to move to higher levels of success through experience. Prior to joining ITEC, Bonar was the chief executive officer, chief finance officer, and treasurer of Trucept. He has also served at Adaptec Inc. This is a laser printed firm geographically located in San Jose. He was once the vice president of Rastek Corporation and executive director for QMS.


According to Bloomberg, It is evident that Brian Bonar has extensive leadership skills in finance. His charisma and passion in delivering high-quality services and products to clients have been his success story. Bonar is talented in developing successful strategies to aid in decision making in both finance and human resource department.

As an entrepreneur, Bonar invested in a restaurant in North County. The now attractive business began with a bistro at Bellamy’s current home. Initially, it was a tango, and Charlie Trotter tried to invest in it by introducing progressive dining.

Marc Sparks: Dedication Meets Humanity

Specializing in business and venture capitalism, Marc Sparks is one of the leading names in American entrepreneurship. Dedicating his free time to an array of philanthropic ventures, he currently serves as the head of Timber Creek Capital, a private equity firm.

The firm has helped reshape and redesign businesses from across the nation. The company offers a host of innovative services to their clients. These services include office space, office supplies, legal support, networking, merchant banking and an abundant amount of other supportive structures for a successfully established business.Learn more :

Since his graduation in 1975, the Texas native has worked vigorously with a wide range of businesses. He has worked hand in hand with notavle businesses such as Splash Media, Cardinal Telecom and Blue Jay Wireless. Collectively advising, marketing and estabilising an internet presence for his clients and fellow business partners, the entrepreneur has paved a lane for young inspiring entrepreneurs across the globe.

Possessing an upwards of 30 plus years in business, Marc has managed to successfully build a platform reaching world wide. Maintaining a strong belief in princples, Marc business ventures vary in sizes. He has helped both young small companies and large corporations reach their desired potential.

Following the success of his early ventures, Marc became an author of his own autobiography. The literary work titled “They Can’t Eat You” served as a median between himself and the public.

The book highlighted many early business advancements made by Marc. It also detailed the origins of his humble beginnings and determination as a youth.

With an ever expanding portfolio and a high end clientele list, Marc dedicates time and resources to many charitable organizations. He has worked closely with Habitats for Humanity for many years. The multi talented businessman takes time to personally construct various homes for the needy. He has also created an developed an organization dedicated to children, which he titled Sparky Kids.

His foundation has given away over a thousand computers and technology related material to at risk kids. Providing kids with state of the art terminology, Marc and the Sparky Kids organization aim to combat the everyday hurdle of childhood poverty.

Whether Marc Sparks is competitively building his company, expanding and collaborating with other businesses or devoting time to charities, he is constantly shaping the public’s perception of an entrepreneur. With a strong belief in determination and an unmatched work ethic, Marc remains the standard for businessmen world wide.


Eric Lefkofsky’s Contribution in the Fight against Breast Cancer

Cancer treatment is a very complicated and expensive process that requires costly and sophisticated equipment. Eric Lefkofsky is the Chief Executive Officer of Tempus which is a technological company that has built an operating machine that helps in the battle against cancer. The company has announced that it will be using data to help in the treatment of cancer patients. Tempus has partnered with the University of Chicago Medicine to supply them with information from over 1000 breast cancer patients to help doctor and medical researcher develop a suitable treatment plan. With the provision of this vital data, doctors will be able to monitor the trends in infection and work towards finding a proper remedy to many people living with breast cancer. Most of the time, doctors treat breast cancer without actually following the pattern and finding out what the possible cause of increased infections. This makes it difficult to fight the disease that keeps on affecting many people especially women. Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer and has been claiming the lives of individuals globally.

Tempus has invested in sophisticated machines with genomic sequencing that enables the doctors to make a real-time diagnosis and make treatment easy. Tempus was established in 2015 and has been making tremendous progress in the treatment of cancer. The company is headquartered in Chicago and has partnered with many other research centers like Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University, the University of Michigan, and the Mayo Clinic among other that have incorporated data in finding a cure to the cancer epidemic and Eric of Twitter.

Eric Lefkofsky has a long career history in establishing some of the most successful technological companies across the US. He is the founding member of Lightbank that has invested in the disruptive technological field. He is the founder of Groupon; this is one of the largest e-commerce operated marketplaces with increased strings of customers. Eric Lefkofsky has also diversified and contributes towards the philanthropic world. He has partnered with his wife to uplift the communities living within his firm. He also provides employment opportunities to people within his community area with the aim of improving their living standards.

USHEALTH Group: A True Leader in Healthcare Industry

USHEALTH Group, Inc. is a leading provider in healthcare cover in the U.S. The company has been in operation for more than five decades and as a result, has managed to accumulate much of the market.

With Obamacare resolution that attributes for a more affordable healthcare, USHEALTH Group has managed to ride on this popularity. It has a client base of over 15 million users across the country. The organization has managed to fully utilize the services of its subsidiaries to push its products in the market.

Much of its success is credited to its wholly owned subsidiary, USHEALTH Advisors. The branch has been responsible for recruiting and training agents who also help to acquire new clients and drive sales and more information click here.

Troy McQuagge is the President and CEO of the organization. He has been on the frontline in streamlining and improving the image of the company. He mentioned that the healthcare company has been focusing on how they can help their clients through their products. This feature is what has set them apart from their competitors.

Why choose USHEALTH Group?

Their affordable and innovative healthcare is unrivaled. Their healthcare solutions are unique and cannot be found in any other company. USHEALTH Group has over 2,000 agents across the country that help their clients choose the best healthcare cover they might need. They have products that cover medical, visual, dental, accident, and life insurance. These agents can be found online or can schedule a face-to-face meeting so as to guide their clients and make their choices as easy as possible.

The ability to buy more coverage if and when you need it means that you can upgrade your coverage without questions asked. This means that you don’t have to pay for coverage that you don’t need. Their fair rates mean that you can lock in the rates for up to fifteen months without incurring extra costs and learn more about Troy.

USHEALTH Group has managed to distinguish itself from the rest and set the best standards in the healthcare industry.

The little lip balm that could.

Up until about seven years ago, Chapstick cornered the market on lip balm. That is until EOS lip balm began to emerge on shelves of pharmacies and major retailers. According to, endorsements from celebrities and fashion magazines have turned EOS (Evolution of Smooth) into a $250 million dollar company that has become the second most popular brand of lip balm.

To capitalize on a growing industry, EOS lip balm conducted very intensive research and found that most lip balms were being marketed as unisex despite the fact that women were more avid users of the product. Knowing this, EOS set out to create a lip balm that would enhance the beauty regime by creating a product that is hygienic, affordable, natural, and fun to apply. Thus their signature pod shape was born.

Their next hurdle was figuring out how to get into stores and be competitive in an industry that has long been dominated by bigger companies. Because EOS was primarily being marketed towards women, there were a lot of male buyers that simply did not understand it. This all changed when they were able to get a female buyer and consequently, were able to get EOS on the shelves at Racked, Target and Walmart. EOS then created their own production facility and were able to keep up with supply and demand.

To generate interest, EOS decided to market to millennials using social media, ( brand collaborations, and celebrity endorsements. It is clear that their strategies have worked. EOS products are everywhere and the signature pods even have their very own copycat versions.

EOS has expanded from lip balm to a full line of natural products including hand lotions and shaving creams, with no plans of stopping in the future.

Working with Securus Technologies to Keep our City Safer

I am part of an elite task force that is responsible for getting some of the most dangerous felons off the streets of our city. These suspects are multiple offenders who have either skipped bail, escaped jail, or are on the run from local law enforcement. These criminals usually have life sentences, so killing again on the streets means nothing to them because they realize they can not get any harsher a punishment if caught.


For that reason, these suspects are dangerous to civilians and have no problem taking out a few law enforcement officials in the fight either. This is why our team has to work in the shadows because these suspects usually have a network around them working hard to keep them hidden and out of jail. We have several tools at our disposal, but it can be very difficult to find these suspects if they want to stay hidden.


Recently we heard that Securus Technologies had installed a new inmate communication system in one of our local jails, and we were heading over to learn more and possibly get some training. The reason this system and software intrigued us is because we know that gang members in jail still communicate with soldiers on the street using their own coded terminology. If we could break the code, we might get some information before the suspect knew we were coming.


Once we received the training on the LBS software, we were listening in on a few calls between brothers in the same gang, and they happened to be talking about our suspect and how he was going to be making a run for the border. Once out of the states, we would have never caught him. Luckily, the LBS software gave us a head start and we napped him as he was getting ready to leave one morning.